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The Mother Lode...according to your 7lbs 11 ounces compared to the RS rolling backpack at 5.5lbs so that is a significant difference. Also, RS rolling backpack is 2 inches smaller than the Mother Lode. The smaller and lighter bag would be a good choice if you think you could "lose" the extra 2 inches. I bought the RS Rolling Carry-on and love it although I tend to "overpack" it a little and it bows out in the front. Have to figure out how to cut down on a few items!

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I have the Mother Lode Rolling Weekender and the RS rolling bag (not the backpack version). I prefer the ebags one for ease of use and organization. I've used both on 2-3 week trips and they both have served me well.

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Carol...have you found the Mother Lode...which is a little larger than the RS cause any problems...such as have any airlines ever measured it? On our trip to Stockholm om BA and SAS one seemed to measure and some bags were sure bigger than the required size. Irritates me when I try to follow the size rules.

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I Bought a mother load and really wanted to like it. I sent it back. The way it was divided up it actually held less stuff than other suitcases. And it just seemed heavy.

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I have not had my carry on bag measured. There are always people with bags that are bigger than mine that seem to carry on with no difficulties. I think whether you like the layout for the Mother Lode depends on how you pack. I use packing cubes and it works very well for me.

The reality is that what we (forum members) like about a bag may be different than the features that you care about or use. It is a fairly personal choice.

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....and it doesn't fit all airline carry on specs so be prepared to check it free, or pay to gate check it if they ask you to fit it into the luggage tester. We all have flight stories of others with bigger bags, and stories of airlines measuring and weighing luggage. Choose what you like, ensure you know airline restrictions and what your risk factor is.

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I bought the rolling backpack for use on business trips. I’ve been quite happy with it. It stores much more easily than a regular wheelie bag. On business trips I usually carried 3-4 reams of paper (quite heavy) plus my clothes. It handled the weight fine.

I’ve used the backpack straps for going up and down stairs and also for post holing through hip deep snow. The straps attach and detach quickly and easily. The back is padded and I found it to be fairly comfortable. The wheels are spaced apart so that they do not touch you when you are wearing the pack.

The water bottle pocket holds my 1 liter platypus water bottle securely. The upper outer pocket works well for my liquids bag. I found that my netbook actually fit in the lower pocket (YMMV).

I have packed the bag for a two week long trip in mid winter (-20 F) and managed to get all my clothes in it.

The bag does tend to tip over when loaded. I just lean it up against something. Many bags have this problem.

I would buy it again.

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I read a review that eBags TLS Mother Lode was not excepted on a Air France because it was too big. Reading Rick Steve's' bag can tip makes me nervous as this is my biggest pet peeve on luggage. I wish there was someplace you could try these bags out but the only option is buy them online. But you have to pay for shipping and pay for return (Both at R.S. store and Ebags) ( I know Rick S. has a store in Seattle but not near me.

I guess I will hope for the best with the RS bag.

I do have to say my 360 carry on hard side Travelpro but 360 is not practicable for certain areas(cobblestones etc) but do love it. It was perfect for my 15 minute walk through the Amsterdam airport.

I agree that the Ebags Motherlode is overly complicated. I prefer more basic bags. I know that bags tipping over is annoying.
I have had good luck with eagle creek luggage not tipping over easily. I have an older, more basic model. I know that EC changes its models and I don't know what EC currently offers. It's worth a look.

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Here is an older review of the rolling backpack. The author notes that if you put too much weight in the upper pockets then the bag will tip over. Physics.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to put some sort of plastic extension on the front bottom of the bag. Then the bag becomes thicker, defeating the purpose. That’s something to think about. Bags that don’t have this problem are going to be thicker. The eBags luggage is a full 2” thicker than the Rick Steves bag. That will make it harder to store on busses, trains, and some planes.

Check out the eagle creek Expanse collection. There are several options in this collection. The Tarmac collection is more expensive.

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I purchased the Weekender Convertible and returned it. Like most of Ebags-branded merchandise, it’s overly heavy compared to other brands. A good alternative is the 21 inch Mini rolling duffel, which, while also fairly heavy, seems to have a lot more usable space than the Weekender. However, it doesn’t convert to a backpack, so if you need that feature, probably best to go with the RS rolling backpack.

If you’re looking for a rolling backpack, it’s important to check the weight, depending on your age and physical condition. The wheel assembly adds a lot. I’ve found that even a fairly lightweight rolling backpack can get pretty uncomfortable depending on how long you have to use it as a backpack, though at 62, I’m not in the same shape I was in my forties. They’re great for the occasional rough terrain and staircases, but otherwise, IMHO they’re somewhat overrated.

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Lufthansa carry-on baggage size is 55 x 40 x 23 cm/ 21 x 15 x 9 inches and a 8 kg weight limit.
Air France carry-on 55 x 35 x 25 cm / 21.7 x 13.8 x 9.9 in (including pockets, wheels and handles).

Wheel covers sound nice if you will be rolling Paris pavements then using it as a backpack.

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Rick often says that the hybrid bags aren’t great because they can’t do either job very well. The perk of a backpack is being mobile and lightweight. A backpack with wheels with be heavy and clunky no matter how lightweight the bag is initially. You also lose a lot of packing space due to the handles and wheels. I have the Ebags TLS Motherlode when we’re bouncing between cities/countries. Makes travel on buses and trains, in particular, so much easier. It is heavy, but the organization and functionality can’t be beat. And it holds a ton!! But, I also have the Rick Steves Rolling Carryon when we’re pretty much staying in one place. It’s a well-designed, functional bag, and it’s pretty spacious for a bag with wheels. I really love this bag. But, it gets cumbersome when trying to go up and down stairs in public transport. Ultimately, I chose my bag based on my needs for that particular trip. But, I personally wouldn't consider a hybrid.

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I believe the ebags bag is larger than the carry-on size restrictions of many airlines.
If you like to check your bag, that won't matter.
I check my bag only a small fraction of the time, so I have the RS roll-on


Just curious as to the quality of the RS rolling Carry-On. How are the wheels? Is the handle flimsy? What is the fabric like? I have seen a review for the newest addition which is a hard and soft combo but not to much out there just on the normal rolling Carry-On. Any thoughts out there? I just ordered the ebags tls mother load rolling carry on but am worried that it is 21.5 x 15 x 9 thoughts?



This is an old "dead" thread. You may want to post your question as a new topic for better response. I don't know how the new RS bags are. I have a couple of old RS bags, an old Ebags bag, an older delsey, an old travelsmith, an old Sears bag, and an old Eagle Creek bag. (The whole family uses these bags and I have a minor bag collecting issue.). Conclusion: all of these bags work fine; have survived many trips and some abuse. Either one - the RS bag or ebags bag will serve you well. Both are established companies with good service. Check out the baggage allowance of the airline you are flying on. Check the dimensions and weight allowed.