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eBags Shopping Spree Review

I ordered three bags on eBags recently. The sales have been quite good (I assume with lack of travel and the economy people aren’t shopping as much) and I had a $10 credit that was set to expire. With the sales and the credit I paid $50 for three purses. One is definitely a gift and maybe a second one will be.

eBags Piazza RFID Crossbody (tag says it’s called Villa Crossbody 2.0 with RFID Security, which is the old name)
I did not pay $50 for it. WIth the coupon code it was $20.
I purchased the garnet color and it's a nice maroon type color. Maybe more purple-ish than red, the best description I can say is a muted jewel tone. I like the color. It manages to be a neutral type bag, but a nice change from black or brown.
My iPhone 7 fits in the phone pocket with maybe ¼” out, which I like. If you didn’t want your phone there it could also fit a small notebook and pen. A regular sized pen would only stick out maybe an inch.
The outside pocket has two zipper pulls, which makes it easy to lock with an s biner clip or a wire keychain cable. You can also do the same for the main opening of the purse.
I am terrible looking at bags online and envisioning how they will work for me. Since I can’t attach pictures, I put in a Rick Steves guidebook (Best of France), an Ipad mini, a tin of altoid mints, a Dollar Tree type rain poncho, a 2oz bottle of sanitizer, a packet of wet wipes, a chapstick, a Kate Spade card case lanyard without the lanyard part (this is similar: and a business card case (similar to this: That made the bag full. The purse has a side and bottom zipper that unzips and makes the gusset larger. I could have fit more items in once that was done.
The bag also has a key attachment, which I like. I will attach the card case (from the lanyard) to the key attachment.
A standard size folding umbrella (about 10.5 inches long) would fit in it, but would have to be crosswise (at an angle). It would barely fit with the bottom zipper not open, it really needs the gusset unzipped for the additional space. However, my travel umbrella, which is only about 6 inches long, fits easily across the bottom, standing up, etc.
I tried adding in items if it was cold. Without the gusset open, I had a pashmina (, stretch gloves (the kind from Target for $2), an Eddie Bauer neck gaiter and a travel umbrella. Then I also added from above the Dollar Tree poncho, card case from the lanyard, hand sanitizer and chapstick.

So, will I use it? Probably yes. I really like the gusset. It doesn’t seem so big because it’s narrow, but you could carry more if needed. It also has a pocket in the outside that’s lined for sunglasses, but it won't work if the bag is tightly packed. But it could be a nice feature.

eBags anti-theft mini
This is the second bag I bought. It’s described as being 8x8, but it’s really 8” high and only about 7 ½” across. The 8” across comes from when the bag is flat and the slight gusset is counted as part of the measurement. It also has the zipper that unzips to form a larger gusset and give some additional space.

Thinking of inclement weather, it fit my travel umbrella, gloves, neck gaiter, Dollar Tree poncho, 2 oz hand sanitizer, chapstick and card case from lanyard.

The way the strap latches on, you can also attach the zipper pull from the pockets for added security. Or just use the s biner or wire keychain cables.

Will I use it? Most definitely. I really like the size. I like how easy it is to lock the zippers. I like that it’s not too big but can still carry quite a few things.

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