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Easyjet carryon bag

Has anyone bought a bag for Easyjet? The bag I have doesn’t fit the dimensions. Thanks!

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Not sure what the issue is here. This is the link to Easyjet baggage requirements:

Cabin bags (personal items): 45cm x 36cm x 20cm. That's 17.7" x 14" x 7.8". Must fit under seat in front of you.

Large cabin bag (costs extra to carry on): 56cm x 45cm by 25cm. That's 22" x 17.7" x 9.8". Typical US carry-on bags (22" x 14" x 9") are actually a bit smaller than this. That's a generous European dimensioned bag. Must fit in the overhead bin.

The weight limit for each is the same: 15kg. That's a whopping 33 pounds. The measurements for each include wheels and handles. You must be able to manage each bag on your own.

From the link: "Please note that the maximum number of cabin bags available per person is two; one small cabin bag for all customers and one large cabin bag for customers if it’s included with their fare ... or where they have paid to add one to their booking." Go to the link for more details.

Personally, all my "large" bags would work for these listed sizes. Three of them weigh about 4.5 pounds empty each which helps with my self-imposed weight limit of 20 pounds (9kg). Any bag over 5 pounds empty is a deal-breaker for me. My personal item varies with each trip, but any of my options for that would work, and have worked on Easyjet.

Last summer, I used what may turn out to be my favorite bag. It's an Osprey Ozone 2-wheeled 38L measuring 50cm x 40cm x 20cm or 19.7" x 15.7" x 7.9" (usually listed with rounding up to 20" × 16" x 8"). This is the shape and sizing often used by European airlines. I have another Osprey Ozone that is equally as light, measures 22" x 14" x 9" and has a capacity of 42L, but I found it easier to pack my stuff in the 38L bag than in the 42L one. I was flying British Airways, so there were no issues with the width.

Just search online for carry-on luggage and specify the number of wheels if you want them. Pay attention to the empty weight and make sure that the sizing includes the wheels and handles. If you go shopping in person, take a measuring tape to verify that the dimensions are what's needed and a luggage scale to check the empty weight. There's no point to paying for heavy empty bags. My luggage scale weighs in pounds and kilos and it's been great for keeping the weight down to my lifting limit.

I'm sure others will chime in with good brands to consider, and there are many. I'm an Eagle Creek (1 US and 1 international sized) and Osprey (1 US and 1 international sized) person. All of mine are old and were bought at discounts. Being something of a bagaholic I'm always looking for new and better options. I haven't seen anything really tempting in years. That's probably a good thing for Uncle VISA.

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I think the OP was looking for brand recommendations.

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No “issue” 😀. I need a new bag and I thought some of you might have some suggestions.

Yes Jane - 😀

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We travelled Easy Jet last year (Venice to Amsterdam) and paid for the large cabin bags. We were able to carryon our Travel Pro maxlite, soft side 22” and a backpack.

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I’m a fan of using a soft sided bag that isn’t full. That way, if it has to go into a sizer, you can fit it in easier. I like both Kipling and LeSportSac.

What I did when I needed to “fit” a bag is make my own sizer. I used USPS boxes because they are easy to cut. I made the dimensions I needed and filled various bags and saw how they fit.

The reason this helps is even if your bag technically fits the dimensions, depending on how you pack it, it could still not fit in a sizer.

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easyJet is my preferred airline in Europe and I try to use them whenever possible. If you're concerned about baggage limits, I'd suggest paying for an upgrade to Flexi fares, Speedy Boarding or whatever, as that provides more generous baggage limits and some other perks. It's always nicer to be first on the aircraft when the overhead bins are empty and no crowded aisles to deal with.

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The limits for a carry on bag for EasyJet is specifically 21.6 inches.

When you check into European budget airlines including EasyJet, there are two racks sitting there. Bags that fit in them are allowed. Sometimes gate agents will pick out a traveler to make an example out of--and will hit you up to check the bag. I call it revenue producing. EasyJet is easier than some of the other carriers, however.

I've been fortunate a few times they've caught my bag slightly oversize to argue with the gate agent long enough to where they give up. Our 21" TravelPro Ultralite bags with the wheels exceed what will fit in the racks.

As seasoned travelers, we never check a bag--even if it means paying. It's just part of getting the low airfares, and EasyJet is usually still a bargain in flying.

Are you looking for an underseat bag or overhead bin bag? Backpack or rolling case? Minimalist packer or not quite minimalist? Are you going for a long trip (length of stay)? Doing laundry on your trip? If you can answer these questions - we can help you better.

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I recently traveled with Easy Jet. I did pay to bring a bag on-board. I brought my Cotopaxi 35L, and I had my Sherpani Camden under the seat. When I was planning this trip, I did look at several options to just use one to fit u der the seat. If you Google the dimensions plus Easy Jet luggage, there’s some brands who have made cube-shaped backpacks specifically to meet these requirements. Since I was traveling for a month, I decided to pay the extra to bring my Cotopaxi.

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Thanks for all the tips. I am a semi minimalist packer. I try my best but I find that no matter how hard I try, I just can’t fit everything in the carryon. I think I might check one bag (keep it light though as I will be lugging it around).