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Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Neck Wallet

I must give an outstanding review of this product. I have been a HUGE fan of RSteves money belt…….worn it all over Europe and NEVER had trouble with a pickpocket or loss with it …….BUT……..because of Covid and the need to carry our CDC vac card along with my passport I ordered this neck wallet that would hold both. I LOVED IT. Along with my passport there were enough pockets in it to slip our Swiss travel Pass copies and our negative Covid tests on returning home. All of my essentials were right there in front of me and it made reaching for them very easy. I never felt like this neck wallet could come off ……it felt very secure on me. There have been times when I was wearing the money belt that I hated having to pull my blouse up and unzip my pocket on my money belt to pay for a meal or something……exposing where my VIP stuff was…….never felt like that with this neck wallet. I would highly recommend its use to anyone!

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This is what I used on my recent trip to Venice. Worked perfectly and safely!

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In the past, I have used samsonite money belt(it came with a suit case that I purchased decades ago) and another no brand money belt. Recently I found the Eagle Creek silk undercover neck wallet for a very good price so I bought in 2 and rose. They are indeed a good purchase but have no travel planned to use them. I have heard RS money belts are great and they look good online. Planning to buy one soon.
I usually carry 2 hidden wallets or belts, one in a light color and one in black to go with both light and dark colored tops. Can’t wait to carry the eagle creek neck wallets.

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I like using a neck wallet, too. My other security measures are not relevant. Eagle Creek makes a good one but that is not your only choice, of course, PacSafe and many other manufacturers offer a wide range of approaches to what seems like a simple item with multiple large-capacity pockets, zippers, clear windows, pen holders, extra wide straps, &c. Many of these features are just hung on to distinguish products so shop around but watch out for stuff you don't need and beware Amazon's listing of dozens of cheap and what appear to be short-lived products.