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Eagle Creek Suit cases

About ten years ago I purchased 2 EC cases. I thought it was a good decision because I had seen in my travels, people who struggled with cases that had wheel failures along with other issues. My cases had been to Europe USA, China, Vietnam, and I am now in London, and now I'm the one in trouble with a broken wheel. The problem is, how do I get it fixed. Never thought I would have this trouble and causes me to maybe reconsider the expense of buying so called best in business. I understand the warranty is no question asked but I have to move on with my broken wheel and all its inconveniences. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Is it a two, four or eight wheeled bag?

Contact Eagle Creek EU support:

EU Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Visit the EU Warranty Site for more information:

While technically not in the EU any longer, I couldn't find any UK specific customer service. If they can't help, you may have to contact customer support in the US. Go to Eagle Creek's webpage for that information.

But ten years, and a lot of travel, you can't expect it to last forever.

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If it is a two wheeled bag you might try a bicycle or skateboard shop that also handles rollerblades. If they have a wheel, or wheels, that match they could change them for you if willing. I looked at the two EC bags we have and the axle is accessible from the outside and has an allen wrench head. If they are not accessible from the outside and the housing and wheel is riveted through the bottom of the bag, those can be changed as well but the wheel housing would need to be drilled out and riveted back in. I have changed damaged wheels in my son's catchers bags this way.

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Eagle Creek has a page for international support
They may be able to direct you to a shop that can repair it.

Another option would be to buy one of those folding luggage carts and use that to move your bag around.

Alternatively, you could just purchase a new suitcase.

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First contact Eagle Creek before resorting to an independent repair firm. Technically, you are under warranty and Eagle Creek may have a place for you to take it in London. If so, they may pick up the cost of the repairs.

When I was reviewing bags and travel goods, I did a lot of work with Eagle Creek. They are an excellent company when it comes to customer service. They have since changed ownership but I believe the new owners are doing their best to keep up the same principles in business.

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Thanks to all those who responded. I thought I would report what has happened since posting this.
I made contact with their Australian agent who has committed to make repairs when we return to Australia. Probably the best outcome, given our movements. So we have stacked our larger case with as much luggage as possible making our smaller case light enough to carry rather than use the wheels and as soon as we get to an airport use the trolleys made available. Our cases have not done a lot of travel and, apart from this event are unmarked. I expect should last for many more years. I do intend to purchase spare wheels to carry so as to be able to repair on the run. We never overload them with usually about 13 Kg in the smaller one and 16 Kg in the larger one. I am satisfied EC have done all they can for the moment.

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I broke a wheel on a different bag brand while removing it from a train luggage rack.

I contacted the company, they sent me a new wheel, and with just a screwdriver replaced it in about 5 minutes.

It was still under warranty so the wheel was free. I ordered three more and travel with one just in case.