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Eagle Creek sold-off

Exclusive: Travis Campbell acquires Eagle Creek

Well, here's hoping the new owner of Eagle Creek can revive the brand. Every since VF Corp decided to move all their brands to Denver, Eagle Creek has been treated like a redheaded step child, no offense to any red-haired members. Eagle Creek was moved from Carlsbad to Denver, and a majority of the employees decided not to move....can't blame them. Many of the designs lately have been lethargic, colors boring and the variety of accessories they used to offer continued to shrink. Perhaps we can hope for some updates and more travel suited backpacks and bags into the future.

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Good news, although I probably have a lifetime supply of luggage and accessories at this point, mostly EC.

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Thanks for the link! A thoroughly written article, good interview quotes. Eagle Creek fans hope for the best for Travis who, according to the article, is the sole employee for now, working out of Steamboat Springs CO, and he hopes to have 30 employees in a year. Good luck, cowboy,

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Cool interview — I hope he can do well. Thank you for sharing

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Yes! And bring back Jessica Dobson!

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@ Sun-baked in Florida-

We can hope for them, but the same capitalism that allows us to afford traveling the globe means we won't get them.

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Can we hope for USA manufactured products?

Nice idea but, highly unlikely.

Besides setting up a factory to make the finished item, you'd also need to support a domestic or, at-least a North America supply chain for raw materials (refinery for raw materials, fabric mill, fabric dye, stitch thread, plastic buckles, snaps, zippers, hook n'loop, etc...all are separate factories); then you'd need to find workers who are willing to work 5-6 days/week, at 8-12hrs/day doing 1-2 tasks that entire time. Then once you find those workers, you need to train them up to a standard that can compete on a world-wide level.

I too would like to see domestic manufacturing return but, there's a LOT of things that need to change in order to get companies to put out the necessary capitol to make that happen.

I hear what you are saying. I think the USA could get back into making fabrics and stitching again. We make shoes; we make blue jeans (or, we did); we can regain manufacturing. We need to manufacture more!

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There are several USA-based travel and outdoor goods makers. Most are tiny operations selling buy-it-for-life products for micro-sized markets. Also many manufacturers that are proud of their social responsibility records who maintain safe factories and pay fair wages and benefits such as Osprey.
I happen to like the products and the philosophy that keeps Seattle-based Tom Bihn busy.

I’m good with osprey and “fair trade” type businesses - any businesses that treat their workers decently.
This pandemic has revealed some vulnerable areas for the USA - like the manufacturing of face masks and disposable gloves for medical workers, microchips for cars, car batteries for hybrids, medications, etc.. We need to keep “essential” manufacturing in the USA. I’m for lots of manufacturing and jobs here in the USA.