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Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

Eagle Creek has come out with three new lines of packing cubes and will be doing away with their Pack-It, Specter and Specter Tech lines.

The new cubes, available in July, are of different material and new sizes. Some of which are no longer carry on friendly.

This could also mean that in the spring the "older" lines could be going on sale so retailers can get rid of inventory.

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Because I am a sucker for travel shopping, and in $Cdn, these are a bit pricey, I checked. Our local sports stores that carry the current EC packing cube selections have 30-50% sales on now. But whether they are brand or store sales it is hard to tell. My region is in extended lockdown again, so it might be the the stores just kept their Boxing Day sales on to try and keep afloat a little longer. At least this time they are better set up for on line and curb pick up sales. Amazon dot ca has not followed suit on price drops on these so I am thinking they are local deals.

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My RS packing cubes have served me well for many years.

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Thanks for the info. I love my Eagle Creek packing cubes!! I haven't had a chance to use them yet except for my "practice" packing, but I'm a big fan.

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I have the original Pack it and Compression Specter cubes. I stopped using the pack it line for travel because I feel they’re too heavy. I use them around my house to storage clothes.

The specter cubes are great, will be on the lookout for sales.

According to their website, one of the new lines is a little lighter than the specter line, and looks interesting. We’ll see.

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After using the RS cubes for several years, I purchased the EC lightweight packing cubes. But, I returned from for three different colors of the Eagle Creek Shoe Sacs...for my clothes. I don’t pack my suitcase full, so I really like using these:

  1. Dresses and a cardigan
  2. Shirts and capris
  3. Dirty clothes.
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Slight diversion. I have had a few of Eagle Creek's garment folders for seeming decades. they seem to be greatly misunderstood and I would not take them on every trip but they keep certain items looking far better than they would if carefully tossed into a suitcase, folded into a cube, or squished into a vacuum bag.

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Thanks for the heads up on this, Frank II. I ended up purchasing a Pack It Specter Starter kit from Amazon after reading your post and got it for a great price. I already had a couple of Specter cubes that I have used for years. I kept the two cubes in the Starter set for myself and let my husband have the Garment Folder for his shirts, since he uses a different brand of packing cubes. They still are offering the set on Amazon but in different colors and more expensive than the color choice that I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

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"I have to “Just Say No!” I’m a cube addict and still have plenty."

@Sun-baked - you made me laugh! That is SO me! A forum friend sent me a link last week about some Baggallini packing cubes (who knew?) and although I resisted, apparently I am persevering. If only they were aqua I'd be on them like a duck on a bug.

I have some eagle creek cubes and folders that are so old that they may be among the originals. My closet is probably a museum history of the evolution of packing cubes.

I like the “duck on a bug” comment. In Florida - it’s more like a gator on a duck! Or lately, a python on just about anything!

I’m in trouble now. I need an intervention. I just looked up Ebags packing cubes for information for another post on this forum. The Ebags cubes are on sale! My favorite cubes are the classic Ebags cubes.
Must divert my thoughts ...

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Welcome elizabethjohanson92. Eagle Creek produces luggage and all the accoutrement around it. Packing cubes are just that. Fabric cubes to hold your clothing into your luggage. They tend to allow you to pack your bags with these compartments for efficient use of space as well as efficient packing.
YouTube will give you plenty of examples of how to use them....and yes, they can also work in backpacks if that is your preference for luggage as well.

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fyi - I was just on target last night and perusing their packing accessories - they have Eagle Creek as a partner and sell their packing cubes, at a decent discount, too, for some of them if anyone's interested!

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And for the frugal amongst us ... packing cubes often show up at church bazaars and thrift stores. Run them through the washer, line dry and you're ready to go.

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I spent an agreeable hour designing and sewing my own version of the drawstring cinch bag mentioned above. Perhaps not quite as light as the Specter fabric, but as light as I could make it and managed to make it pretty and practical. Scraps, so free.

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For the super frugal, Ikea has packing cubes.

At $5 for a set of 3 and $4 for one two sided cube, they are also super light. I had to try them. They didn't seem that sturdy at first but Ive used them on two short trips and I'm hooked.

I use the medium for pants, sweaters and gym shorts. A smaller one for undies, socks and masks. The two sided one for shirts.

Not sure how long the'll last but at that price I could replace them yearly.

The actual ones I bought were:

The Rensare Clothes bags ($5 for a set of three)

Rensare Clothes Bag with compartment ($4)

Rensare Accessory Bags (I use for electronics and misc items.) ($4 for a set of three)

Forfina 10 Piece Travel Set (toiletry bottles and kit) ($4)