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Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L

Hi folks,

I read the old old thread on this bag, comparing it to many others and wondered if anyone has any updated information on the use of the bag for overseas trips, using it as a carryon, how comfortable it is fully loaded walking around etc... We're thinking about it for the future so thanx for your thoughts!

We like the multiple comparments, the two sided clamshell approach, the breathable stuff area at the front and the think hip pads.

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I popped the text into a web search and found hundreds of user reviews. That might be a good research source for you. While they are mostly positive, It’s easy to filter out the shills and the useless reviews or those from folks who don’t really use it like you will.

There are dozens of good bags in that range of size/price/features. Try to enjoy shopping but it sounds like you’ve made up you mind. When you get back, please post your own real world reviews of the Eagle Creek. Happy travels.

It's a matter of personal preference. EC also has the cargo hauler, migrate, and gear warrior packs. For me, the global pack is overly designed - too many features. Also, I am under 5'5" - so, I would go for the migrate. If you are hiking trails - the global may be the better choice. If you are just schlepping clothes - I would do the migrate or other.
Other brands that offer two-sided packing include Cotopaxi and I believe LLBean has one.