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Donating old suitcases

I’m a luggage junkie, often buying a new piece that has features that intrigue me. I’ve donated some old ones to local thrift stores over the years, but just learned that women’s emergency shelters are always looking for gently used suitcases, duffels and backpacks. It hadn’t occurred to me, but of course women and their children often flee with nothing. Yesterday they got 6 bags from me.

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Yes, thank you for donating there and sharing the need. Also consider men's shelters. I ride public transit. I still can visualize a mom with a duffle and pre-teen daughter with a black garbage bag moving somewhere. Though I more often see men using whatever they can gather to contain their stuff.
Another option is the organizations that send medical supplies with tourists to specific countries. It is called 'Not Just Tourists' njt dot net website. They pack a suitcase, include recognized letters of authorization and content for legal entry into a country and the details and address for delivery. Basically, a medical courier.

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Make sure there aren't any bugs in those things before donating. Thank god for folks realizing that they have more than needed.

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Great idea and more caring than donating to Goodwill. Time to clean out my packing closet.

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Back in the day when I was reviewing bags, most bags I didn't use after the review went to either the local women's shelter or the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

The same for travel accessories.

In the early days of Covid, Tom Bihn stopped making bags and started making masks. The sent me a couple of hundred to give away in my area. The recipients included the a local women's shelter, Planned Parenthood and Meals on Wheels.

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Awesome! I’ve read foster kid organizations can use luggage too.

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My used suitcases, duffels, and backpacks go to kids' foster care organizations. It's tough enough to be a foster kid moving from place to place without adding in the indignity of moving your few things in a plastic garbage bag.