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"Don't Tell Rick" tote bag -- anybody used this ?

Specifically, have you been able to use it as your "personal item" if it wasn't full ? Squeezable into the sizer box ? (United seems to be making the box mandatory at all airports)

And any other comments ?

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I've used one to check my dirty clothes on the way home. I don't remember ever using one as my personal item. As long as it's not packed full and can conform to the sizer box it should be okay. And speaking of the sizer box, I've only seen them for carry on luggage, not for the personal item. I last flew United in October. Is this something new?

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Yep, United started installing these at the gates in March. The sizer for the personal items is actually 9X11X18, so you do get an extra inch over their advertised "maximum size" with 2 of the 3 dimensions. If the bag is soft and scrunchy and close to these dimensions, shouldn't be a problem fitting it in.

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Thanks! Maybe I'll get out to the airport for a "test packing" check. If I do, I'll post.