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Does Civita Day Pack count as your 'purse'?

I will have a carry-on rolling suitcase for my trip to Italy in the spring. Could the Civita Day Pack count as my tote or purse or will that be considered my one carry-on?

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What transportation are you asking about?

If an airline, like EasyJet, where one equals one, you don't get one plus a purse. You get one. Purse = one; suitcase = one; Day Pack = one. Purse + suitcase + day pack = three.

In that case, the purse goes in the day pack, the suitcase goes in the hold ($$$), and the day pack = one.

If the purse and the day pack go into the suitcase, and the suitcase still fits the sizer, suitcase = one and you are golden. Take it apart after you get off.

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The day bag would be your personal item, assuming you wont also have a purse and your rolling suitcase.

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More generally, you need to check the websites of your transport companies to see their explicit rules. One suitcase does not fit all. For instance, easyJet and Ryanair, two of the world's biggest airlines by volume, impose slightly varying rules about what you can carry into their planes. It can be said, however, that their enforcement is much stricter than with some international airlines flying wide-bodied aircraft. On small, commuter-style aircraft, you may have to roll your suitcase to the plane ramp and give it up for storage in the belly; it will be handed back when you deplane. Look it up!

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what Nigel posted sums it up.

i had to check in my bag/pack since Easy Jet counts everything as Nigel stated.

happy trails.

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Every airline as its own rules so you need to look up your airline's rules.

In general, if your airline allows a carry-on and a personal item, the Civitia day pack will count as your personal item and not your carry-on.

If your airline only allows one bag, like Easyjet, then you either have to put the Civita inside your main carry-on bag, or check the carry-on.

While it varies by airlines, in general, if allowed, the three dimensions (L x W x H) of the personal item will be less than 35 linear inches.

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As posted above, a lot depends on the airline. Lufthansa is extremely stringent about number, weight, and size of carry-ons.

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I would just add that it's better to know and plan out your strategy in advance than to face a surprise when checking in or at the gate. Some (most?) of the budget airlines charge less for checking bags if you prepay or at least indicate you will be checking than if you pay at the check-in counter. Also, you don't want to have your in-flight diversions, like books, Kindles, etc., go away in a gate checked bag. Be sure to pack them in which ever bag is sure to stay with you.

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As the others have mentioned, it would be helpful to have more specific information regarding your questions. Are you enquiring about flights from the U.S. to Italy, or budget flights within Europe? If the latter, which European airlines are you using?

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annnnnnnnnnnd, some outbound flights will give you a FREE checked bag....

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It looks like the OP may not be aware that European airlines may have a different carry-on policy than US airlines.

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For travel in the Rick Steves style, your day bag (no matter how it's shaped) does function as your purse and more. You don't want to bring everything you carry in your home purse, such as a wallet full of home-based store credit cards, coupons, plumber's business card, etc. Your travel wallet should just have one day's cash, maybe €100 and a credit card if you plan to use it, while deep storage for more cash and cards is hidden in your money belt. In your day bag, you will also want extras like a camera, guidebook, map, empty water bottle to fill at local fountains, versatile shoulder-covering scarf, etc.

For the purpose of carrying more gear onto an airplane, especially when returning home, I like a lightweight, collapsible bag like Rick's Hideaway Tote. Your smaller day bag can fit inside that, and you can still get away with calling it your "personal item" on most trans-Atlantic airlines.

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Sorry that my post was so vague. I am taking a Rick Steves tour to Italy and flying US Airways. I won't be taking any other flights within Europe.

I do appreciate all the advice I can get. I've never been overseas before.

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As others have mentioned, what you can carry on is determined by the airline you fly. In general, US-based carriers allow 2 carry-ons and non-US ones may allow only one. Non-US carriers may have smaller size limitations and may impose weight limitations that aren't commonly required by US ones. This can get confusing when flights carry flight numbers for several airlines. The key is what airline the plane belongs to, often referred to as "metal."

Beyond that, the less you take the better since you will have to schlep it yourself. I take one 22", European-made, spinner and one tote. Those 22" include the wheels and handle. My cross-body purse fits in the tote.

Even on some US domestic flights, I have to gate-check the spinner because it is too big for the overhead bin on some of the really small planes. Depending on the airline, I may get the spinner just as I come off the plane or it may be sent to the baggage claim area.

The final answer is with the airline(s) you will be flying, but I know of only one situation when you might be able to take 3 carry-ons and that is if you have a medical device like a CPAP machine.

Personal note: It was so annoying for my husband (a serious over-packer) to handle 3 items (backpack, messenger bag, CPAP bag) on a previous trip, that he finally realized that he didn't use the messenger bag at all except to carry more stuff that he never used. He put his iPad in the CPAP bag on our most recent trip and ended up with only 2 carry-ons.

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Thanks for the additional information. Are you planning to check luggage, or go with carry-on only?

If you'll be taking several flights, the luggage regulations are generally set by the airline that is operating the flight. I've found that the North American airlines are usually a bit more lenient with luggage, but this has changed lately as some of them are tacking on fees for checked luggage or whatever. Anything to gouge a few more coins from the traveller's pockets!

I'm sure you've already had a look at the U.S. Air baggage policies but if not, here's the link.....

When you pack your carry-on, be sure that your 3-1-1 bag is easily accessible, as well as a Laptop / Netbook, if you're travelling with one. If you want to pack larger quantities of liquids, you will of course have to check that bag.

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time on the Italy tour! Rick's guides are exceptional.

Buon Viaggio!

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People here like to make things confusing.....

Your rolling carry-on suitcase is your carry-on. The Civita will be your "personal" item which is also allowed. (Or as you put it, your tote or purse.).

U.S. Air Carry-on allowance:

You're allowed 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item.

Your carry-on bag can be up to 45 inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (23 x 36 x 56 cm) including handles and wheels.
Your personal item needs to be smaller than your carry-on item and must fit under the seat in front of you.
Instead of a carry-on bag, you can bring on a soft-sided garment bag up to 51 inches.

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Thanks, Frank. Everyone is trying to be helpful but sometimes the replies do get pretty confusing.

I bought a RS rolling carry-on suitcase and will also have his Civita Daypack. The Civita is what I was planning on being my personal item which will (I hope) will fit under the seat.

I am new at all of this and although I am not traveling until April, I'm doing my best to scout out info ahead of time. I appreciate advice that I get from this forum.