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Does anyone own the Baggallini triple zip crossbody bag?

Trying to decide if it's a good minimal day bag for travelling or if it's too small (husband will have a small backpack for larger items). I know the bigger the bag the more I'll cram into it. How small is too small?

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Yes, I have one but it doesn’t travel with me. I like the bag but for me the three sections aren’t really suitable for the way I like to use a small daily bag. The outside pockets are just too flat to hold much. It’s also larger than the ones (also baggallinis) I do use.

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I have a different Baggellini with triple zips (set up sort of different) and I don't really like it. The biggest problem I have with it is that I never know which pocket I put something in, so I'm constantly searching for stuff. I would rather have one bigger opening and a small zip pocket on the outside, and a few on the inside. I think you can get more stuff in there as well. I still use it periodically but just ordered a new daybag to try on a quick trip coming up.

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If you ask me that thing is huge! Very wide and bulky and screams tourist. Looks fussy like you will be digging in it, zipping and unzipping pockets aka distracted. My day bag is usually a crossbody leather Fossil Purse 11x11 with one big compartment, zipper to and a small zippered side compartment. Like this in dark brown leather or black:

You are not going be carrying your normal daily stuff in it, just what you need for that days adventures.

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This is kind of what I was thinking re: all the zips.

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I have a BG handbag and dislike it.

First, it looks ugly. Europeans tend to have better fashion sense than most of us and I try to dress better with nicer accessories across the Atlantic, so that I "fit in" with the locals.

Second, the interior pockets are poorly made and stuff falls out of them.

Third, as mentioned above, the exterior pockets are also impractical because they are so flat.

I bought mine at TJ Maxx for about $20. I would not have and will not pay anything more than this.

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I have multiple Baggallini bags. I prefer a north south style for day travel. The latest crossbody I have is 8.5x8.5x2. “Pocket Crossbody” Item POC879-BGR. I like a bag that I can machine wash on a light cycle. I also like the smaller “Take Two” Baggallini Bryant Crossbody.

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I prefer a north south style for day travel.

Hmmm...I should consider that. Might be easier when pulling things in and out.

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I have used Baggalini bags for travel for years. I can easily find each item ( pen, phone, wallet, sunglasses etc)as it always goes in the same zipped pocket. The one you show is too small for me and I would go up one size.

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That bag looks too bulky to me.

I’ve found this to be my perfect travel bag:

Roma Leathers Genuine Cross Body Purse Bag, Multi-Pocket

It’s tall enough to fit my sunglasses and cell phone. Has enough zippered pockets to keep things organized. Is flat enough to easily wear under a jacket to be pick pocket proof.

I use at my every day bag now.

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It is quite small, only about 90 cubic inches inside, to rationalize all of the organization pockets and zips. In size range I’d be looking for a far simpler unit,easier to get in and out of, easier to grab my stuff. But that’s just me. I’ve been carrying a man purse since seventh grade. My current EDC is Tom Bihn small or medium Café depending on the day’s needs.

Try to have fun shopping.

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Take a look at the Kipling bags. They are a lightweight material like Baggalini. I use the Alvar style on a daily basis (even when not traveling), but they have many bags that would work well.

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Thank you for all the suggestions! I have a Travelon bag I've used over the past year for domestic travel but it's rigid and bulky, so I'm looking for something better.

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I have had several Bagallini bags with my favorite being a sling they no longer make. Recently, I rediscovered an older one I had put in storage that is north/south. All during Covid, I had been using a small horizontal bag that was so frustrating. Yes, too many zips.

The vertical bag may have minimally fewer zips, and I love it because my keys always go in the lower compartment; my mask and glasses in the middle; and my money and a water bottle and other items in the top section. I have a spare mask in the back zip which has come in handy many times.

I don't know why the difference in orientation should make a difference, but the north/south one really works for me. Maybe it is the capacity to carry a small water bottle. I can even fold up a small carrying bag (a Whole Foods tiny bag) in the main compartment. I use this for daily wear. For travel, I will pull out my sling again. I have my eyes open for an updated one.

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I've tried Baggallini bags, Sac bags and Travelon bags, but felt like they all looked like a travel bag. A few years back, I was in Toronto and found this bag in the Desigual shop. I love it because it folds over if I want it smaller, or it can stand up, and also the bottom can unzip and expand if I need it larger. I generally start with it small and return home with it larger. It has dual straps so it can be either a shoulder bag, or, as I always use it, a crossbody. The link is for the bag from years ago; the do new colors/patterns every year.

Sorry, that doesn't really answer your original question.

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I don't have that one, but I have this one, which is about the same size. I have taken it abroad and plan to do so for an upcoming trip. I like it for the RFID strapped pouch, which can be attached to the inside of the bag. i can carry sunglasses, a small pair of reading glasses, a small cosmetic bag. I slip my phone into an inside zippered pocket. I even use the zipped pocket on the back for cloth handkerchiefs. I can also slide the 8" tall moleskin journal inside. I find it a good size minimal bag. I can attach a pouched cloth shopping bag if I buy something while I am out and about. This, along with a much smaller Baggallini that holds basically my cell phone and a reading glasses are my everday bags.

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I HAD two of those bags, but gave them away to members in the family. It was too small. I wanted something to take to the Symphony or Plays, to hold my glasses, phone, maybe a very small wallet, and a tiny water bottle (8 oz.)
Those items did not fit very well in it. I would not have considered taking it on an overseas trip.

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I have two. I used them for a while, but two many susceptible zips on the purse and hooks on the strap, which I felt was too easy to remove when I was traveling. I still have them so they have merits and I did organize one zip for glasses, one for wallet, etc. and one small one for the extras; ie, chapstick, etc. I have a black one and a brown one...I believe the brown one was barely if ever used. Would you like me to send one to you to keep and test?

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🙂 That is kind of you, Wray, but you and everyone are right - way too many zips. I'm going to use something simpler.

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For a small crossbody bag, I love the Tom Bihn Side Kick. (Note: not same as TB Side Effect). Great size, helpful inner pockets to hold phone, etc. Has nifty o-rings to attach accessories like a small wallet or ear bud case. I use a wider strap on it. It holds a Kindle Fire too. :-). Stashes easily in a backpack. I use the TB swivel double-head carabiner clips to clip it to the magazine pocket on the plane. TB Side Kick. Small but mighty.

For years, my everyday and travel bag is a Kipling Alvar. The size is perfect for a small water bottle, a guide book, and some small souvenirs. The adjustable woven strap doesn’t slip. Lots of pockets; holds a lot! Durable. Has an inner ring to attach a small wallet on a leash. It does not fit as easily in a backpack. Sometimes I pack an empty one in my carryon bag—takes very little space. You may find it has too many zips, but they work for me. :-). Kipling Alvar bag.

TB swivel cabiner clips

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I love my Baggallini hobo bag for traveling. I don't know the name of the style that I have, but I love it so much that I have it in three colors! It isn't made anymore, but I buy them cheaply on Ebay or Mercari. This bag just fits my stuff perfectly. I carry a soft sun hat with me (Scala brand) that I can fold up and carry inside the bag. The back pocket holds folded papers, tickets etc. The best thing is the side pocket design. They can hold glasses, a small umbrella, or water bottles, but they don't bulge out and make the bag look big and bulky. Looks like this:

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I see such a trend towards north south style bags.

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I have the Baggallini Triple Zip as well as the Baggallini Seville Mini. I strongly prefer the looks of the Seville bag and that's the one I use most often, both for travel and everyday use. I agree with the person who said the Triple Zip is very "touristy" in appearance. It reminds me of a fanny pack. However, it is super functional. I was able to put my Rick Steves Pocket Paris book in there plus a small pocket translator, as well as the other stuff I wanted to bring with me for the day. The Seville Mini is much thinner and simpler - it just has one main compartment with an outer zip pocket that I never use. So, my thought is the Triple Zip is the functional bag and the Seville Mini is the cute bag. Hope that helps!

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I agree that the bag you linked isn't the greatest.

I've owned many Baggallini bags over the years. I'd been looking for a Pacific blue one for my next trip. I lucked into a motherlode of Baggallinis of many kinds at a local TJ Maxx, and found something in that blue that I think will work. It's smaller than it looks.

There's a newer version with more sections and zippers that I don't like nearly so much. I've linked one like I got and the newer version below.

Mine has only 3 simple zipper pockets. The shape is unusual, with the two big pockets divided by a deep slip pocket space between them that will hold a cell phone, map or whatever. The zippers can be hooked to the strap rings in a variety of ways to thwart pickpockets. I typically use split keyrings or little carabiners. The straps are sewn on in a way that makes it very comfortable on my neck. It's washable and I'll be washing it soon.

This is like the one I got only in a different color. TJ Maxx had this very simple version in neutrals like black and charcoal. I was lucky to find it in my blue and at $25 before tax.

This one is the new version in Pacific blue. Too many bells and whistles for me. Mine also doesn't have a pocket on the back.