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Does anyone know which brand this bag is.....

Hi, does anyone know which brand this bag was produced by, it could be old and really cheap just my relative really liked it but now can't find something similar. I have linked a picture of the bag below but the logo appears to be 2 mountains with a curve around them, I could be wrong...

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Caution: first time poster. I wouldn’t click on the link. Reported to webmaster.

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Thanks for noting that Horsewoofie! I did a search for and came up with a link to a discussion about a malware virus with a similar name as well as links to Turkey and Yemen. No thanks.

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I appreciate the above comments but how else do you attached an image to this forum? Imgbb is a free online image hosting website, if you know of a more trusting website it'd be appreciated.

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Looks like a house-branded freebie, probably given out at a convention or conference. Turn it inside out and there should be a tag sewn into one seam that may still indicate a manufacturer. There are some reddit subs that might be able to identify the logo for you.

From your photo, looks like a 25-28 liter backpack, handle on top, maybe a handle on the left side, side bottle pockets, some compression straps. one or two external zipper compartments. Luggage handles on backpacks are unusual until you get up over 30 liter capacity. There are literally thousands of similar backpack products available at any outdoor store, sporting goods shop, and online sources. Most of what is on the market now is probably superior in design and craft.

I didn't click on the posted link. Thanks for the warnings. If I see mountain logos (Bogiesan is correct - there are many.) - I think Mountainsmith or Patagonia.

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It is a picture of a bag, shot with an iPad Air.
I have bullet proof equipment- no virus.
But understand the need for caution.

Lola- a different logo.

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I've never seen that logo before and don't recognize it. I suspect it could be a small "private label" brand, manufactured by a large backpack manufacturing company but labelled for a specific customer.

I'm sure there are similar bags available from other manufacturers. Could you provide a more detailed description of the features of the bag in the photo? Is there something special about this bag that appeals to your relative?