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Does anyone have the 38L 19.5" Osprey Ozone Global Carry-On Wheeled bag?

Mega-bummed out by the Eagle Creek news, I'm debating buying the newer version of the EC international 2-wheeled bag I already have or getting the 38L 19.5" Osprey Ozone Global Carry-On Wheeled bag linked below.

I've never owned an Osprey bag, but I like everything about this one, including the sale price. The stumbling block is that the Osprey's dimensions are 20x16x8 inches. This is well within the typical L+W+H 45" inches limit, but the shape is wider than the usual dimensions for US airlines.

Has anyone had any issues carrying on this or a similar bag on any airlines?

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I recently got the 42L version of the Osprey Ozone Carry-On and while I can’t speak to the dimensions of the 38L and experience carrying that one on an airplane, I can vouch for the quality and functionality of the bag. I’ve used my 42L version on two trips now and found it easy to use, smooth rolling, and lightweight but durable. Hopefully, someone else will be able to answer your questions about carry on experiences.

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My partner has this bag - but we only bought it recently - sadly he is no longer fit enough to carry a backpack :-( Its a nice bag and light - our main restriction in NZ is 7kg weight limit - the size is a max total linear dimension of 118cm/46.5" - so that bag is well within that size.

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I do not have that bag but the 16" width would be a concern, both for fitting in the bins and going down the aisle.

Getting my 14" to not bump the seats is a test in precision 'driving'.

Have seen airlines going to the bins that stack the carry-ons like books ( on edge, not 'flat') , so the 16" may be a challenge.

I would check the size limits of the airlines you are most likely to fly, to see what issues you may run into.

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You can buy any Osprey product with confidence. If you have a REI nearby, go punch their packs around a bit, throw the travel bags up and down the test stairs, fling the wheelies around the dance floor. I think you'll be pleased at the construction, craft, and materials

That 38l Ozone model was discontinued by Osprey a while ago, apparently replaced by the "Transporter 38l", I think. The questions I always ask in this situation are: 1) Do you REALLY need a new bag? 2) Is this a major upgrade to the (ugly old miserable broken down) bag you're replacing? The $150 REI price is attractive compared to the $260 for the new 38l Transporter unit which is 22"x14"x9" and masses 5# (on sale at Osprey for $195)

Largely irrelevant side note: My carryon-only rig is Tom Bihn's Aeronaut 45L. At 22"x14"x9", it is only 7 liters larger than the Osprey 38, it has no wheels so is significantly larger on the inside. The Aeronaut is one of those backpacks that appears much smaller than it really is; it has never been sized but I don't travel on those picky economy fliers popular in Europe. Anyway, wife not letting me go anywhere till 2023 so it just sits in the closet. Gathering dust.

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I really don't need another bag, but knowing Eagle Creek will no longer be making their wonderful bags makes me want to get the newer international one and/or start moving toward Osprey, which I've been looking at for a long time.

I did go by REI on Thursday to see what they had for both brands. Unfortunately, there was nothing there for me to put to an abuse test. There's another outfitter here in Tucson that also carries both brands, so I need to call them about the candidates.

My requirements for any new bag is that it have 2 wheels, be "international" size, be well-made, weigh less than 5 pounds and be at a price I can accept.

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I've had bags with just one telescoping pole for the handle, and I find them to be far less maneuverable than the more traditional 2 pole design. Something applying steering pressure at the axis of movement vs greater movement power from outboard of the center... (I understand it, but maybe can't explain it well; I barely passed high school physics all those years ago.)

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I've had bags with just one telescoping pole for the handle, and I find them to be far less maneuverable than the more traditional 2 pole design.

This is a tradeoff Osprey customers have come to accept in their wheelies: small reduction in mass and mechanical complexity in exchange for possible reduction in maneuverability. The single pole on the Eagle Creek unit must present similar issues.

Just my opinion, of course, but with their rugged outdoor roots, I think Osprey designs and builds bette and perhaps more practical things than Eagle Creek does these days. However, the international Gear Warrior from EC ($250) looks pretty good next to the Osprey 38L Transporter ($170/REI Outlet) and the 38L Ozone ($145/REI outlet). The major cosmetic difference for me is all the external doodads that bristle from the EC including the expansion zipper set.

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I'm loving all this comparison input and checking out all the suggestions. But I remain stubborn that the weight of the empty bag needs to be <5 pounds.

Both my Lipault spinner and my 22" EC bag are over 5 pounds. If I do get another bag, the spinner with its 45L capacity will go to my husband's side of the closet.

As for the maneuverability of the T-handled Eagle Creek International carry-on like this one I bought 2 1/2 years ago, I quickly learned that at 14" wide, it was easier to push it down any airplane aisle than to pick it up and carry it, just like the standard sized U-handled EC bag I bought about 5 1/2 years ago.

The 16" width bag might have to be carried, per FAA regs for aisle width at floor level.

U-handled bags are usually heavier, but have the advantage of being able to put a sleeved personal item over the handle. T-handled bags are usually lighter, but not typically able to handle an attached personal item, hence the need for cross-body bag or for a backpack.

It's still a package for me. I have moved from 4 to 2 wheels, but I haven't graduated to the one carry-on only crowd yet.