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Does anyone have experience with a Monkey Strap suitcase to backpack converter?

Google "Monkey Strap suitcase to backpack converter" ... Some ingenious individual (or maybe a con artist) is selling this thing direct to the public and I gotta say I'm tempted to try it. I have a Kirkland rollaboard that is almost indestructible. It served me well in my travel domestically for work job. Now I'm retiring and about to "do" Europe. I have experienced rollaboarding over the cobblestones and up staircases. in Europe and this might be the best of both worlds. Anybody know this gizmo?

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I didn't think the forum would allow links - I'm learning. The name is cute, but I dont want to blindly send $30 toa website.

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So, you have a 25 pound suitcase that you attach this to, but they didn't add hip belts,so within a block that suitcase is going to feel like 50 pounds. Also no strap padding. From experience, we rarely alter our luggage for a short trip, so I can see this collecting dust somewhere.
My other concern is the website says 2009 and patent is pending.
For 30$ you most likely can't buy the wbbjng and hardware to makemit but if you have old seatbelt webbing hanging around and some spare time as a Mr DIY tupe, try to design your own.

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If a roller bag is not designed to be a back pack, I think the hard back of the bag would feel awful in about 30 seconds, if the wheels banging on your low back didn't get to you 1st.

Interesting idea, but fails to account for how most roller bags are constructed. Mine has skid bars in the back.

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The Rick Steves rolling backpack accomplishes the same thing. I wouldn't want to wear it all day but it isn't uncomfortable either. But then I rarely go over 18 lbs total.

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I think it is fine if you want to strap a big brick to your back. It lacks padded shoulder straps and a waist belt that is generally critical for comfort. In a pinch it might be useful but on the surface it looks like a solutions hunting for a problem.

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For the same amount of money ($30), you can get an Essential Carryon bag that was designed from the start to be a convertible backpack. It's only a little narrower (13" vs 14") than a regulation carryon, but at 1¾# probably weighs far less than the Monkey Strap kluge.

I own and have used an Essential Carryon bag, and, no, I don't work for the company.