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Do you use your Memory Foam Pillow?

When we went last time I found an inflatable neck pillow with a nice soft outside liner. It clipped and tightened in front so you could relax your head forward. What I discovered was that on delta, they have those “wings” on the side of the seats to rest your head. I think I used my pillow just a little, but not much. I can’t decide if I need to bring it again or not, plus buy for my boys.
Do you use yours even with the head rests?

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I have not been on a Delta plane with “wing” headrests but they sound great. I use an inflatable neck pillow and can’t live without it. So easy to pack / unpack and takes up little valuable space. Those memory foam pillows are comfy but wow what do you do with them as you tour on dry land?

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I'm too short for the wings to really work. I have a neck pillow that's just a microfiber tube of lightweight microbeads kind of like this one

Bulky but doesn't weigh much. I like that I can shift the beads around where I need them.

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Not all Delta planes have the winged headrests. They don’t work for me anyway so I bring my own pillow.

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I always had a travel pillow and this time I lost it sometime after I landed in Paris and before I headed home. We were on an Air France 380 with the headrest wings. I will never go back to a travel pillow. I'm 5'4" and found these just about right. It was great to lean my head without worrying about a travel pillow to log around.

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We have wings on our route, so I ditched the pillow and wing it.

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Hmmmm, I thought all international flights had them. I guess I better ere on the side of precaution and take it, buy fir boys. I agree the inflatable ones are nice to tuck away when not in use.

I now remember I deflated it somewhat and used it as lumbar support, too.

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We fly Delta but prefer our RS inflatable pillows. I can adjust to comfort. Convenient to pack in personal carry-on. I like to use the provided airline pillow as a lumbar support.