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Disappointed in new RS 20" carryon

Soooo disappointed in the new RS 20" carryon. I downsized from the 22" because I will be taking more European flights. The bag looks great, is sturdy and comfortable.

My disappointment is that my FAVORITE feature is gone! The full-size front zipper pocket. The new bag has a much smaller pocket depth. The old one was perfect for carrying maps, itineraries, reservation, ticket and voucher printouts (which packed fairly flat), even a change of clothes if I had a late arrival/early departure.

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It is pretty hard to design a bag which pleases everyone. There are some features I missed on one of the RS carry on bags, which I see he has brought back on a newer version. I did use the 20" carry on for 3 weeks in India last month and it worked like a champ, but I didn't use the full-sized front pocket in the older one so didn't miss it on this one.

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I am not sure what you mean. Are you referring to the small pockets on the very front of the bag. I was a little disappointed these were so small for the same reason you are. However, I found that the "hidden" zipper between the front and the main pack area was perfect for carrying all the things you mentioned. I put a folder with all my reservation, itineraries, etc. in that pocket. It traveled really well and was accessible without having to get into the main part of the suitcase. However, my bag is a year old and there may have been additional changes. I did not find the smaller pockets on the suitcase to be of great use. I think I just put extra plastic bags in the small one up top and used the larger lower one for my paper receipts as we traveled.

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Are you talking about the rolling carryon? The photo shows the "hidden" pocket, which is described as "a full-length side zipper opens to reveal a 12” x 20” compartment (perfect for a jacket)."

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The rolling carryon has three zipper compartments on the outside front plus the zipper extension compartment. I think a sweater or coat would fit into the extension compartment, which makes the bag larger than the original depth. The formerly full-size pocket was behind/underneath the other two zipper pockets, now that pocket is still there but is less than half the depth that it used to be.

Oh well, I'm downsizing luggage, I can shrink the printed material as well. Michelin maps do fit in the front bottom zipper pocket.

Thanks for your responses, great travels to all!