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Did I forget anything?

We are heading to Europe for 42 days visiting Vienna, Krakow and Budapest.
Thanks to this forum I made sure and....

Got an ATM card with no fee
Travel health insurance (great price too!)
Money belt
(And we won't be taking much cash thanks to feedback from here)

Thanks to all for the input....have I forgotten anything?

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Seriously, remember to let your bank and credit card company know that you will be traveling.

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Have you checked your plane reservations recently to be sure the airline didn't change anything? You don't want any surprises at the airport or with connecting flights.

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Just contacted credit card and bank on travel plans ...thank you and check!
Going to check flights right now (we leave in a week)

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Passports current at least 6 months past your return date? Oh, each of you (or the adults, anyway) should have his or her own debit card, with different numbers. Just in case... Also your bank's telephone number. I've had to call my home bank three times from Europe to straighten out ATM problems. (It was their fault every time!)

Happy travels!

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International plan for your mobile phone, if you are taking one!

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Use that ATM card here before you go just to be sure it works. Make sure your bank and credit card companies know your travel dates (I see you did!) Someone collecting your mail? Our post office will only hold it for 30 days. We just returned and on this trip used our credit card with no international transaction fees more than we have in the past, especially in big cities. Just easier than cash. Have fun!

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A few practical things:

Small roll of gaffers tape
A few safety pins
Some twist ties (can keep a button on, use to hold some keys, etc)
Ziplock bags in various sizes ( can keep food, money, photo disks, hand soap, tea bags, etc in them)
Some throw away wash cloths ( buy at Walmart or Dollar Store)
If you have any perscription meds ( a photo copy of your prescriptions) Same with your glasses prescription. Make and take a photo copy of it.
Extra pair of reading glasses if you need them
Mole skin to prevent blisters
Extra pen or pencil
Ear plugs
Plastic door stop
Coin purse

Lastly, a sense of adventure combined with the patience of a saint and a respect for others!

Have a wonderful trip!!!!