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My son an I are going to Scotland in a couple weeks. He is diabetic. He wears insulin pump an has to bring extra insulin and syringes. What should we do when we get to customs? Will the airports give us a hard time?

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You shouldn't have any trouble. Just walk in the lane marked, "Nothing to Declare," and leave the airport.

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It's not customs you have to worry about. On departure to Europe you will go through TSA security. Simply tell the TSA agent that your son wears an insulin pump and remove the extra insulin and syringes for separate screening (have them in their own zip top bag). It would be helpful to have a letter from your doctor explaining his need for the device and the type and dose of insulin he uses (TSA shouldn't need this info- it's in case of an emergency).

When you arrive, after passport check/immigration, simply walk through the nothing to declare line in the customs area.

On departure for home the process will be very similar to what you went through in the US. Just tell the first agent about the pump and extra supplies, and no worries.

Safe and Happy Travels!!!1

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I too wear an insulin pump. Your son could take a couple of extra sets of supplies with him and an extra battery. He also should carry spare insulin and standard syringes or pens in case the pump goes out. Your doctor will issue a form letter saying it's okay for your son to be in possession of syringes and insulin vials. I've never been questioned.

Your son can go through any regular scanner that's looking for metal. He shouldn't go through one of the new highly invasive x-ray scanners where you stand in the middle with your arms up. Don't let any TSA agent tell him that x-ray machine's okay because your son does have the right to go through a manual check if he desires.

When I go through customs lines, I have my pump clipped in plain sight on my shirt collar. The TSA/Security types usually just send me through the short lines reserved for those that have been checked out by the TSA. They barely check me out--and send me on through.

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I am a type 2 diabetic and love the insulin pump. I separate all diabetic supplies into a small carrier of their own with other meds and copies of all prescriptions. Explain immediately that he is diabetic and what supplies he has (show the doctor's prescriptions if asked). There should be no problem as there are millions of diabetics traveling.