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Crochet sweater ok for Vatican?

I bought a light crochet short sleeve jacket to put on when entering the Vatican and other churches. I thought it would work great as it will fit easily in my purse otherwise. But now I'm wondering if it covers well enough. It's an open pattern, with "holes" about the size of peas. Is it modest enough? Or should NO skin be showing?
Thanks for any advice.

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I think that is fine. You might consider a scarf. I just used that when I was there last. They are fine with that as a shawl. They are strict about shorts with women too. So be careful. I have made my scarf into a skirt before too. I try to always have a scarf with me where ever I go in Europe. It has multiple purposes. Something to sit on, a table cloth, a skirt, a shawl, head band for scary hair after swimming, blanket on the plane, accessory for the boring brown dress, towel, beach blanket, etc. Cooler than a crochet jacket.... The jacket should be fine.. but a scarf takes way less space.

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Adding on to your question, as I was wondering about a crocheted sweater on top of a tshirt (so thanks for asking), are capris okay? My day to day outfit will be a tshirt and capris, but in case the tshirt (very short sleeves) isn't good, I'll have a scarf in my bag and/or some sort of light weight sweater, but worry about the capris. They are past my knees. Thanks in advance.

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A tshirt and capris are perfectly acceptable. The requirements are that your shoulders and knees be covered. A tank top and shorts or short skirt would not be sufficient,

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Sometimes it looks like 'covered' is the operant word and the material doesn't matter. You could probably be starkers with a cellophane wrapping and scoot right in.

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Great idea Ed! And cellophane takes up so little space in my bag!