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coupon code for online travel store

Anyone have a coupon code for use in the travel store? I need to buy 2 umbrellas and need to expedite shipping to 1 week. I purchase so much on Amazon, when I have to pay $18 for expedited shipping it aggravates me! Plus, I hate it when there is a place for a coupon code and I don't have the code, and can't seem to find it! I have been a RS follower for many years! This purchase leaves me feeling sad! I hope the umbrellas are good!

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If you are looking for a coupon code for the RS travel store, I have been shopping there for maybe 14 years and have never heard of a coupon code for the RS travel store. I will watch for any replies you may get that provide a coupon code, however, with their new policy of giving tour members $100 certificates to that store, I am afraid that after going on 13 RS tours, I do not need anything that they sell any more. I am curious to see if anyone posts the use of their certificates to other RS folks.

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Why must it be an RS umbrella? There are plenty of umbrellas available everywhere. You could probably have one in your hands tomorrow from a local store.

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Right...just so many choices and I felt like I could trust the brand. Off to the store tomorrow! Thanks for the comments I learned the coupon code must be for the tour folks. We have always followed the books but never gone on a tour.

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Why pack an umbrella at the off chance you might need one when you can just buy a cheap one at your destination, if and when you need it?

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"I purchase so much on Amazon, when I have to pay $18 for expedited shipping it aggravates me!"

"This purchase leaves me feeling sad!"

Well, we operate a brick and mortar store, and I refer to this as the "Amazon effect". The $18 charge actually contains profit for someone (that's not a four letter word ;-) ) instead of a shipping cost giveaway in order to preserve/expand loyalty to the big "A".

Most of what we sell is special order, custom product. People are occasionally surprised when they learn they cannot click their mouse and "return" merchandise to us. The Amazon effect. I don't mean to pick on Carolyn, we all get accustomed to stuff and it tweaks us a bit when it doesn't happen the same way everywhere.

I hope the umbrellas worked out?

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I recently used my coupon code given to me for use in the online store related to an upcoming tour we will be taking. It was very easy to use. I just put in the coupon code at the end of the transaction and there was no charge as I stayed under the $100 allotted to us. They said it would take 10 business days to deliver, but it arrived in about 4, so that was a nice surprise. I kept watch on shipping prices as I was adding up my purchases as I didn't want to go over the 100, but it was easy to do so. I think there was an expedited shipping option, but I'm not sure. Good luck using your coupon.