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Convertible Carry On Weight

I picked up an RS Convertible Carry during last week's sale for a gear review.

I weighed it, and instead of the 3 lbs listed, mine came to 2 lbs, 9 oz. So I tried a different scale and got the same thing. I took it to the Post Office this morning and they confirmed, 2 lbs, 9 oz.

Anyone else find this? I wonder what was cut to bring the weight down? I think I know but I'd like to hear from others.

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I don't think making items from cloth is an exact science. My Essential Carryon is supposed to weigh 1# 12oz but weighs 1# 13oz. Maybe the cloth they made your bag from was just a little thinner than mid-point thickness. But hey, that's 7 less ounces to carry or 7 more ounces you get to put in it. I only carry on, and I handle the bag carefully, so I don't need a bullet proof bag. As far as I'm concerned most bags are too heavy.

What really irks me is the way bag manufacturers promote the bag volume. 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches (regulation carryon size) is 2772 ci, but they usually quote more volume than that. At the volume they say their bag can hold, the sides must bulge, and so it wouldn't fit in a sizing template. Add to that rounded corners, which subtracts from volume, and 2772 is the external volume. Nylon itself occupies more than 1½ ci per ounce, so the heavier the bag, the less the internal volume.

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That is good to know.....I have that bag.
It is decided....... I WILL be bringing my swimsuit, which coincidently weights 7 oz......

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It possible the bag was always 2lbs 9oz, and they simply round up the weight to 3lbs in their marketing to make one of the features of the bag easier to "digest".
In other news, my smartphone has an advertised capacity of 32gb when in reality it's 27gb.

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I see Rick's bags are now polyester instead of nylon, but polyester is, I think, slightly more dense than nylon, so that wouldn't make the difference. Anyway, the "shop" page that says 3 lb AND polyester.

No, Michael, I don't think it's rounded (I thought of that). 2# 15oz to 3# I could see but 9 oz is a lot less than 16 oz. Why make it sound heavier than it is. The other convertible bag is advertised as "less that 3#".

"my smartphone has an advertised capacity of 32gb when in reality it's 27gb." Total memory is probably 32gb, but overhead takes up some of it. I've seen that for my tablets.

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I got the same bag during the same sale, but don't have an accurate scale, so the just-shy-of-3-pounds weight lands in a pretty pleasing range for me. I'm coming from a minimalist, miserly, direction up to this convertible carry-on from using either a promotional give-away bag that came with my Sierra Club subscription, or a North Face daypack that is a pretty tight fit if I want to include luxuries like a jacket or sweater or sandals. The RS carry-on is overdoing it by that measure, but I look forward to growing into it.