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Converter or adapter for cell phone in England and France?

Hello Everyone,

Do you have any recommendations for a cell phone converter/adapter for England and France? Would only use it to charge cell phones and a camera - no hair dryers or anything like that.


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You only need a plug adaptor, two round pins for
France. The U.K. adaptor is different. Rick Steves' store sell them or go to a luggage store.

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Go to the luggage section of any discount or department store. You will see a selection of adapters. I like mine which has 4 USB ports and a selection of correct "plug ins" for the various types of outlets around the world.

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Look at these adapters from Amazon. I have the PowerAdd. 2 outlets, 2 USB ports plus a mini-USB and options to use it in the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan - even for charging devices in the US when your hotel has limited outlets. For dual electric devices, like chargers, you only need an adapter, not a converter.

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My husband and I just got back from a trip to the UK and to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Norway. This Ceptics brand purchased on Amazon was recommended on this travel forum. I used the first linked one in the UK and another in the 3 Scandinavian countries we visited. I loved having the options this device provided, since I could use the two USB outlets for my iPhone, IPad Mini 4 and the outlet for my Apple watch. The second Ceptics was for the Scandinavian countries and most of Europe. This meant I only needed to bring the USB plugs for the first two listed devices. The Apple watch just went into the outlet on the Ceptics. Both performed beautifully for my use. I didn't bring a hair dryer or other hair styling devices relying instead on air dry or hair dryers in our hotel, Bed and Breakfast and Airbnbs.

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If you don't look at the specifications plate on your phone chargers and camera you won't know and you could burn them up if they are not rated 100-250vac 50/60Hz.