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Considering Sherpani Soleil


I am looking for a new travel bag. I have been buying a new bag every year because nothing seems to last. I saw an ad for the Soleil bag and am considering it, but haven't pulled the trigger. Has anyone tried it?

Here is the bag:

My bag requirements:
-Security features. RFID protection is a MUST, locking zipper pockets are preferred, other features are a bonus.
-Fits my laptop (15")
-NOT TOO HEAVY. I want a travel bag but it'd be nice to use it every day and take to work/the gym.
-Durable! It needs to last more than a year (I travel pretty often).
-Pretty (I have looked at many anti theft bags... most are ugly and I don't want to stick out like a tourist)

Is the Soleil for me? Apparently it meets all of these, I'd just like confirmation from someone who actually has one. Hard to shop online when you can't hold things in your hand and look in all the compartments...

Thank you for your help!!

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Yes, I have one. It is maybe 4 years old. I also have a messenger bag from them, which is over 12 years old. The messenger bag still looks like new and that is with daily heavy duty use for at least 6 months of one of those years. I mention the old one to site the longevity of their bags.

The Soleil I have is a perfect personal size for BA so that's why I purchased it. I use it weekly at home. When I travel it holds all my necessities; ie, electronics, meds, itinerary related paperwork, bluetooth eye mask (bulky), often a book, and a change of clothes including PJs, but sometimes without extra slacks, snacks and other small items. I love the carrying possibilities of tote, crossbody or backpack. It still looks like new.

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Thank you, Wray!
It is helpful to know the longevity of the bag/brand as that has been an issue for me in the past.
When you travel with your Soleil, do you use the anti theft? With RFID there is obviously nothing to "use" ...but what about the zippers and locking compartments / etc? I am heading to Nicaragua again soon and like the idea of extra security (no pick-pocketing on my first trip... but I've heard stories). Thank you again for your two cents I'm so glad I found someone who was familiar with Sherpani.

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I love my Travelon Anti-Theft Classic backpack. It measures 16 x 12 x 6 inches and weighs 1.1 pound empty. It holds so much and is very comfortable. It has RFID protection, locking zippers, space for a water bottle, and slash-proof panels and straps. My daughter (who lives thousands of miles from me) happened to also purchase one unbeknownst to me and really likes hers as well. I don't know if you live in the United States or not and if you are familiar with Kohl's, but I purchased mine online at Kohl's and was able to use a 30% off coupon for it. And Amazon has the dark blue on sale right now for $58.

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Yes, I do use the locking zipper when I feel I need it.

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Have you received your bag?
Based on this discussion I ordered both the Soleil and the Dispatch to evaluate.
They have the same capacity, but the Dispatch looks a bit more compact.
The shoulder straps on the Soleil look more comfortable.
I don't necessarily need the RFID protection since my wallet and handbag already have it.
My laptop is 13".
Can't wait to hear how you like the Soleil.
Thank you.

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Slws2137 - Thank you for your recommendation! I went with the Soleil bag because it doesn't always have to be a backpack. I can carry it as a crossbody so when I am in museums/shops/etc that do not allow backpacks I can change it and it just looks like a normal large purse.

Jules - I didn't even see the Dispatch! Do you like it? I was only looking for anti theft bags so I missed some of their other stuff. I did order the Soleil and it arrived a few days ago. I think it looks and feels great, but I am yet to try it out in the world. I got the "merlot" color and LOVE IT! I was torn between that and the black one... But I always go with black so I thought I'd change it up.

For anyone else looking, I found a blog post with a lot of info on the Soleil bag.
Here it is:


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Jeni - I know it has taken me a long time to reply to your question.
I also ordered the merlot color and I really liked both bags. I asked my daughter to help me decide and we ended up keeping both. The price was right during Prime days and I think between the two of us we will enjoy both bags.