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Confusing Condor cabin baggage rules

We will be flying Condor to Frankfurt in business class later this month. Here is what their cabin baggage page says:

Please note that due to the security regulations at airports you are only allowed to carry one piece of hand >luggage. All other baggage items permitted by your tariff must be checked in (free of charge).

The amount of carry-on you are allowed to bring into the cabin on your Condor flight depends on the flight >zone of your destination and the booked fare.

Then, in the chart below, it says that for business class on a long-haul flight, we are allowed one small personal item (40 x 30 x 10) plus two 55 x 40 x 20 carry-on bags, with a combined weight maximum of 16 kg, and a maximum weight for one bag of 10 kg.

So what do they mean with that “you are only allowed to carry one piece of hand luggage”, when the chart says we can have 3 total in business class?

I want to carry on my 21” roller bag, and a daypack which will have my neck wallet, along with iPad, phone, trip documents, sunglasses, etc. I can compress it down to fit the “personal item” size if I must, but would rather put more in it (rain jacket and pants, other hiking clothing) and have it counted as one of the two larger bags. But I am still puzzled over that “only one piece” language.

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Hi Lola. I was (am?) confused too but I settled on an interpretation that you can have two bags that weigh up to 16kg total per person plus a “hand item” like a purse or briefcase. I am right but anxious to hear anyone’s actual experience!