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compression socks

I like to wear the compression socks for long flights -- but find that, because I'm short, they slide down and strangle my knees. Has anyone found good compression tights? Or socks that don't bunch up? Thanks!

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If they are sliding you need a higher compression and a better fit. Properly fitted socks will not slide down. If you are buying socks over the counter, who knows? After checking with your doctor, see if a medical sock would work better.

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I have short legs and know just what you are talking about. Yes having a proper fit is very important with the compression socks. I purchase mine through a medical supplier and they fit them for me. Even with that professional fit I still have problems with them shifting as my legs tend to swell. I have found the using a skin glue solves that problem. I purchase this from the same medical device supplier where I get my compression stockings. It is made by Jobst and is called "It Says". It is a roll on and is easy to use, is water soluble and washes off easily. This has made a big difference for me.

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Instead of socks, I prefer sleeves.

Go to a running store and get better compression wear than the travel marketing items. CEP is what I prefer, there's a number of other brands available.

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zcorsair, thank you, that's a great tip.
I wore Sockwells on my recent flight to Paris and hated them. Way too tight at ankles and behind knees and I was miserable. Won't wear them on my return flight to SFO.

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I have worn compression hosiery for years. Getting the right fit is critical. You can get a blood clot if too tight or compression is wrong. You need to be fitted by someone trained to fit for compression garments. Usually they are at independently owned pharmacies.

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I second the recommendation for sleeves instead of socks. I find it hard to get compression socks that fit properly on both my feet and my legs. I'm on my feet all day at work and have found that compression sleeves are less likely to slide down and bunch up. In addition to checking at running stores you can find compression sleeves and socks on nursing uniform sites.

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Flight socks were a godsend for me. I even wear them on short flights. I've also found that they are good when I'm walking around for a day in cold weather - they really keep my legs warm.