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Commuter's backpack

I recently found this Iamrunbox commuter's backpack on Kickstarter. Do you think it is worth trying it? I mostly do some short business trips and find spinners/rolling carry too big for me.


Kickstarter link

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It's only about 650 cu. in. (outside dimensions, smaller inside) for the largest bag, the BP Pro. That's not very big. Is that big enough for you?

I think that the Backpack Lite at 1.9# and $74 and the Backpack Pro at 2.1# and $104 are too heavy and overpriced for their size.

A packing folder in an Appenzell bag might give you the same benefits with more room, less weight, and less expensive.

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I agree with Lee. A full size carry on bag comes in around 2-3 lbs for reference. My 16 L bag weighs 14 oz. so a 10.5 L bag should be under a pound. The Iamrunbox gear is heavy.

I really like The suggestion Lee made. Get yourself a Spectre packing folder for your clothes and a shoe bag. Put that in a professional looking bag.

As an engineer I get offended by the types of "specialty bags" shown in kickstarter campaigns. They look like solutions in search of a problem. These types of bags almost always are heavy and single use. They claim commuter bag but the laptop is in the inside of the bag and hard to access for TSA screening. That makes it a baggage FAIL. I also note that the bag doesn't have hide-away straps. That's a nice feature for business bags. In short, I don't see where the bag solves any problem that hasn't been solved previously with cheaper and lighter solutions.

Get yourself a nice professional under seat bag then use the packing cubes to organize if you must. Get a bag with external compression straps, waist belt, and sternum strap to stabilize the load for biking etc. Add in a computer sleeve for your laptop. Store the computer in the outside pocket of the bag. Use the bag shoulder strap on the laptop sleeve when you get to work. Each item can be used separately and interchanged for different trips.

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One the other hand, I also can't see buying a $60, 1½ lb set. For me, a $4 mesh washing bag has worked fine for holding my shirts (even dress shirt), flat folded, without wrinkling, but I thought you might like something with a little stiffer backing.

Something like this is what I had in mind.

Make a list of what you need from a bag. Then, go to or and use the filters to search for what you want. This is an easy way to research bags. REI is great for outdoors type hiking. Even LLBean has some choices. It just depends on what you need. I also look at backpack length. I'm under 5'5" and need a bag that is 16 - 18" to be comfortable. My 6' husband needs a bag that is 18" - 21" to be comfortable. I like for a bag to land in my lower back area. Check out ebags - etech collection. The Appenzell mentioned above may be a good option for you.