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Thanks, I'm in the market for new luggage. The million-dollar question for me is do I want soft or hard sided.

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And the million dollar answer is ------- it depends !!! or it is your preference. I personal prefer the hard side since the shape and size reminds the same regardless of what is inside. And the hard side allows for a little more compression when closing. It is easy to over stuff a soft side bag and for it to become larger than the state size. Some times that draws a little extra attention and you might be forced to check it.

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I don't really trust these "ratings". They are just ads from various manufacturers. They have this kind of sponsored articles from time to time, and the brands are always similar.

About soft vs hard:
I use a soft 2-wheeled case for carry-on and hard spinner case for check-in. For the latter, I recommend a less known brand called Lojel. Excellent products and their Cubo collection opens/packs like soft case and yet provides the protection of a hard case. I bought mine before the Cubo came out and it still rocks after over 20 trips.

I prefer my own criteria to others’ lists. Many lists are for men taller than myself as a somewhat shortish and stout woman. Many lists are for business travelers or folks who carry lots of electronic devices. There are many recommended bags that are just plain wrong for me.

I say - develop one’s own criteria, then find that bag.