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Civita Shoulder bag Vs Civita/Ravenna Day Pack

I'm trying to decide between these three bags. I am moving to Australia for a year to work and travel and I am taking the Classic Back Door Bag as my primary piece of luggage. It worked great for 3 weeks in Italy and I loved the ability to move quickly through airports and train stations.

In Australia I will be travelling by myself so I need to be able to manage my bags. I'll be staying in a mix of hostels and hotels and I know I'll be buying various items along the way.

The Civita Shoulder Bag looks a bit like a large purse - has anyone used it as such? Is it comfortable/ too sporty for some functions? Does it clean well? Do the water bottle sleeves stick out funny on it like they appear to in the picture?

Others have said the Civita daypack is not water proof - has anyone tried spraying it with a water proof spray like Scotch Guard or will this wreck the fabric?

Thanks for your advice!

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Of the three bags you mentioned, the Ravenna Day Pack sounds like the best solution. The Civita bag is made of a very light micro-fibre so it's definitely not waterproof, and it's not as robust as the Ravenna or Appenzell packs.

You could also broaden your search and have a look at day packs from Tom Bihn, Red Oxx, Osprey or Eagle Creek (among others).

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Note that the photos in the shopping pages are not to scale -- the shoulder bag is smaller than the day bag.
I use the shoulder bag most often as though it was a tote, by leaving the main compartment zipper open.
The idea in managing your bags is that the shoulder bag spends its time inside the carry-on when you are in transit.
When you put your carryon down in your lodging, or in bag storage, then you carry the smaller one around during the day.
The fabric of the shoulder bag is not intended for rough handling like a camping or hiking backpack is.

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I just bought the Ravenna daypack after using the Civita daybag for years. I like that the Ravenna daypack slips onto my rolling carryon, the Civita daybag can be awkward to balance on the rolling carryon. But I will never give it up because it always holds one more thing.