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Civita Shoulder bag inside Euro Flight bag?

I can't wait for my Euro flight bag to arrive! But will likely be another week, and I feel the need to organize my packing now since we fly in two weeks and this will be my first multi-week trip without checking luggage.
Since people say something is needed inside the Euro Flight Bag to keep things from falling out of the low front opening, and to generally maintain organizatio, I've been wondering how the Civita Shoulder bag would work for this? It's been my day bag while touring for years, so it would be going with me anyway.

According to the dimensions for the two, it should fit. [11x9x3 inside 14x12x7]
Any feedback from those who have done this?!*emphasized text*

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Have neither bag, but I did read that someone commented that using packing cubes solved the 'tumbling out' problem.

A low tech thought-- use a thin piece of cardboard, like from a tablet of paper, inserted to make a 'wall' at the front, to raise the edge. Light weight and low cost. ??

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That would probably work, although I'm not sure of the rationale. I would use packing cubes instead of another bag - I think it would get in the way of things you might need.

When I took mine to Germany, I packed 3 long packing cubes inside it containing several clothing changes, my toiletries bag, my laptop (that sat against the back wall behind the packing cubes), notebooks, guidebook, my electronics bag, face masks, and other items. Those worked well because of the shape of the bag.

I suppose you could use a piece of cardboard but I really don't think you would need it (if you use packing cubes). They fit very snugly in there and sort of hold everything in place. And everything else of mine was in small pouches and bags (except the books). and nothing fell out when I got into it. I think the only problem would arise if you had lots of small pieces of clothing in there without packing cubes.

I have written this before - apologies to those who have seen my similar comments. I have the euroflight bag. I have taken it through airports as a shoulder bag and used it at a 3 day convention. I only use it now for car travel without the shoulder strap. Why? I am under 5’5” tall and find the bag is too boxy when fully packed for me to comfortably carry it as a shoulder bag. Questions I have for you are: How tall are you? Do you plan to carry it on yourself or have it strapped to another suitcase? Are you carrying down long corridors or just slinging it from a cab to a hotel room? I do not recommend carrying this bag for long hauls especially if you are short.

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Hi Sunbaked,
I will use the Euro flight bag as my personal item during the flights, to contain snacks and other things I want at my fingertips during the flight along with the items that need to come out of the bag for TSA (toiletries, ipad, cell phone, medicine, etc.). I'll transport the flight bag on top of my carryon suitcase and I don't plan to use it as a day shoulder bag . The Civita is the one I will use for day touring; it's smaller and if not packed too heavily, it's comfortable enough.

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My main problem with that combo is the weight before you even put anything in it. The Euro Flight Bag weighs 1.5 pounds (24 oz). The Civita Shoulder Bag weighs 10 oz. Together thats 2 pounds, 2 oz empty.

Plus, they are shoulder bags, not backpacks, so the weight will not be distributed evenly, but rather be on one shoulder -- whether worn that way or cross-body.

If you are committed to the Euro Flight Bag, I agree that using packing cubes is a better way to organize it. Be sure to check its dimensions as a personal item for your airline. It looks more structured than soft and if stuffed, it might raise an eyebrow.

Full disclosure, I am not a fan of bags that have a lot of pockets. Pockets and zippers and the structure required for them increases the weight. And for me, they increase my "where did I put that this time" questioning of myself. 🤔

The euroflight bag will fit underseat. Been there, done that. I like the pocket arrangement. The zipper flap opens up wide to facilitate access. For me, it’s carrying it around that grinds me down fast. Carrying it on a suitcase will work. Your point of eliminating one bag is valid for efficiency.

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LOL, I can relate to the 'where did I put that' puzzle that can eat up too much undeserved time and attention when travelling! To help reduce this searching, I probably should limit the Civita bag to the "purse" kinds of things.
I did check the personal size limits of my most frequently flown airline (United) before I ordered the Euro flight bag: 9x10x17" vs 7x12x14" for the RS bag. It's well within the limits except for height, but I figure that the bag itself is squishable enough to compress on height and scoot under the seat (as long as I don't cram it full!).