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Civita Hemp Day Pack

We are traveling to Ireland & Scotland!!!!! I am excited :-) I am interested in the Civita Day Pack and like the looks of the Hemp one. Has anyone bought and used this one? I couldn't find any reviews on it. I know it says it is NOT waterproof but as far as I can tell the other normal Civita Day Pack isn't either, and people seem to like it. Just curious if the regular one is still a better option then the Hemp. Thank you!

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The regular ( microfiber) is 5 oz lighter

The hemp version is 5% bigger (850 vs 900 cubic inches)

To me the size difference is not worth added weight

Definitely a personal preference choice

have fun on your trip

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I own several Civita Day Packs and have used them for many years. Sorry, but haven't tried the Hemp one. Though I own a couple of more expensive backpacks, I always pack the Civita because it is super light and holds a lot. I can easily fit in everything I might need for a daytrip + food and the all-important water bottle. I've even added a change of undies, socks and tee if travel conditions warrant. Though not padded in the back, the straps are very comfortable and I am not used to wearing backpacks normally, so that's certainly something.

It's awesome you are going to Ireland and Scotland! I've enjoyed those countries very much. Have an absolutely wonderful time!

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I have the hemp pack. I prefer the regular Civita - stays cleaner and doesn't stand out so much.

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I use the hemp bag and am very happy. I even used it in Ireland!

Its almost 50% heavier than the regular and more bulky, but easily manageable. After using both in Europe, I (mildly) prefer the regular. I enjoy the softness, the fact that it stores easier, and the "less incognito" profile. Personally, I use the hemp bag as a personal tote domestically and for dry goods on picnics.