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Civita Day Pack Question

Is the civita day pack rain proof? Thank you

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No, it isn't. Not even water resistant. I really like it for dry days, though.

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No, but you could slip a trash bag in there to keep your things dry. I do that with my backpack.

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Freezer Zip Lock bags work very well. Experiment with gallon and two gallon sizes to see which size will work for the contents of your bag. Quart size may work for specific things to help organize.

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If you look at the photo on the website, it looks like its a firm-sided heavy fabric bag, much like a regular school-type backpack. In reality, its made of a very lightweight fabric, and when empty, could be scrunched up to almost fit in your pocket. I have one and use it all the time. Maybe you could spray it with some water-resistant fabric treatment.

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I've used mine for several years, great bag, it will keep most things dry in a light shower but if you want to be certain use the zip-lock bags. One of the best bang for the buck in travel gear.

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I have one that's several years old and have gotten a lot of use out of it. As mentioned, I love that you can roll it or scrunch it up to next to nothing in size.

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Before we leave home, we spray our Civita bag, along with our jackets, hats, shoes and so forth, with waterproof shoe spray. The spray we like is Cadillac Shield. I wouldn't say this makes it waterproof, but it does shed water quite well.