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Civita day pack alternatives, maybe slightly larger and more duable.

Since my first trip across the pond in 2013 I've been though two different Civita day packs. One had strap breakage and they quickly replaced it and that one worked well until it broke last year, and had holes in it. Considering I was using it for daily carry to and from work it wasn't that bad, but both ended up with holes in them and straps and zipper breaking. I'm heading to Ireland and France in May and along with my classic Backdoor bag as my main luggage I need a new day pack. I'm tossing around the idea of another Civita pack but it doesn't work well when I have to put both straps on due to its small size and my larger size (6' 245lb). What are some good alternatives? QC IME has been spotty with RS products, I had to have my backdoor bag replaced when one of its strap clips snapped off right after I got it. But they made it right quickly and that bag has taken 3 Euro trips among other vacations and is going strong.

I prefer packs with more rigid type fabric, a couple of organizational features. My husband has an REI Trail 25 pack and likes it. I would stick to 20-25 liters for a daypack. Lots of choices. Determine your budget and list of features. Then, search,, eagle creek, LLBean, Eddie Bauer, etc.. Lots of choices. Get one with good padding in straps. RS Appenzell is a good bag.

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I've mentioned before that if you want really durable goods you might consider JandD --
if you sign up for the mailing list you'll get sale notifications.
Their stuff is pricey but you really can't appreciate it from the clunky website;
if you can go see them at a local dealer in person you'll be immediately clear on what
really durable means.

(I once carried a tube television in one of their daypacks as a carry-on item -- you could probably harness a plow to their seam-stitching)

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I'll second the Osprey suggestion. Great, durable, lots of color choices!

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AaronW, it does seem like all daypacks are a compromise between weight and durability, aren't they? The main attraction to the Civita is its price, relative to the other recommendations. The one I use currently is this one from REI REI Daypack option which is in the same ballpark as the Civita, pricewise.

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Can a person get into the Accademia gallery in Florence carrying the Civita day pack? Is it small enough?
The Accademia website states that "small" packs are allowed. Thanks!

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OP, not arguing your point but just observing the Civita must not be made like it used to be. I have had one—the same one—since it was a “giveaway” as part of an RS tour package in 2012 and have used it on numerous trips. I always liked it because it was crushable and easily packed inside another bag when not in use. Sorry to hear you’ve had such troubles with the pack!

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I agree with Rachel, we have had our Civita since our first trip in 2006. It it's about to go on its eight trip across the pond. Like they say... things just arent made the same as they once were. Sorry you have had such bad luck.

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I ended up getting a small pack from some company and its looking fine so far. not as thin and light as the Civita but its much more durable and a bit larger.

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Yeah the Civita broke the top strap within a month of getting it, using it for light duty. But the replacement lasted 3 years before the front compartments broke the zippers. Both items I bought from them had to replaced not long after shipping, but the replacements were quickly sent for no charge.