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Checking bags at Napoli Central, should we leave passports with bags to keep with us

Hello. We will be stopping in Naples for a 1/2-day to do the R.S. Walking Tour and maybe the Archeological Museum. We will check our backpack bags at Napoli Centrale train station before we start our walk. Should we leave our passports and major cash in our checked backpacks at the train station or carry the passports and cash with us (in our money belts) while we walk around Naples? Thank you!

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Your passport is your ID while in Europe. Keep it with you.

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Keep your passport and cash in a money belt on your body!!

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carry the passports and cash with us (in our money belts) while we walk around

Yes, this one!

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Without question ---- on your body in your money belt ---- properly worn, of course. Always, no matter where you are.

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Don't leave your passports somewhere away from you. Nor a bunch of cash!

Carry them both on your person, as advised, in a money belt.

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And put the money belt under your clothes. Not like I saw on the train the other day worn outside her T-shirt like a bum bag. wrong!

And only access it in private. You wouldn't flash your underwear in public, don't flash your moneybelt either. When you know you will need something from it go into a changing room or toilet, remove what you need, put the moneybelt back, put what you removed in a purse or pocket and emerge. Do your transaction and when complete repeat the process in reverse.

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Also, when you check your bag at an Italian train station, you'll need to give them your passports to copy, so don't have them in your money belts then. Same applies to checking into your lodgings.