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Cheaper idea than shipping

My current 2.5 month trip has me going to numerous places with temperatures ranging from 30 degrees F to 85 degrees F. Packing was a nightmare. My hotel in London offered to store some of the stuff I accumulated as well as the cold climate clothes while I head out to the warmer areas. (I'll be returning to that hotel before going home.)

It's in a box and I had planned to ship it home. However, the cost was ridiculous. I found out it is actually less expensive to buy a cheap suitcase and bring the stuff home with me by checking that bag. (I usually carry on and get one free checked bag.)

It will be a pain to get two bags to the airport but I'll be saving about 50 GBP.

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Yes -- that's what I've found. It's a bummer but as expensive as checking a second bag seems, for the money, it's a far better value than shipping (for one thing, you get far more volume for not much more money).

I'm glad you found a solution that will work for you. Hope you're having a great time.

What bag(s) are you traveling with on this trip?


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Luckily, I don't check a bag so no extra cost for me.

I'm using a Lipault Pliable 22 as my carry-on and a RS Ravenna backpack as my personal item. I also picked up a packable backpack about halfway through when I no longer needed to wear my Scottevest.

I chose the Ravenna mostly because it has a pass through that fits onto the extended handle of my carry on bag. But I'm happy with it. It holds a lot and seems very durable. It's a little too big as a day bag for my needs but does a great job holding everything I need for my flights.

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My 10+ year long method for traveling light and packing for different temps and climate conditions on the same trip has worked very well for me.
All my clothes except for a very light jacket/raincoat, shoes, socks, under ware and a few high-tech very light insulating tops are purchased from Salvation Army, Goodwill stores, and yard sales.
Since I am paying 25 cents to max of $2, my investment is small, so I leave what I no longer need or just have a surplus that I think I will not need is left in whatever accommodation I am leaving from.
As a courtesy to the accommodation I will always speak to the owner or the maid who cleans the room that these clothing items are left on purpose and I would like, if possible, for someone else to use them. Careful not to insult or imply that the maid or owner is in need of help. I usually also left a note in the language of the country, saying the same.
But the time I am in the last 3-5 days of my journey, I like to be down to the items that I keep for the next trip, will fit into a small day pack.

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Yes, even if you do have to pay to check a bag, it's not only cheaper than other methods of getting things home, but more reliable (the stuff comes home with you instead of getting there "whenever").

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Ann mentions not insulting or presuming upon hotel personnel in leaving stuff behind. I needed to leave behind a few clothing items in Sydney, and I mentioned to my housekeeping lady that I was going to walk them down to the local Vinnie's. She said no need...the hotel would do that. I would guess many hotels all over the world might do that. I will feel better about leaving stuff behind in future, with a note asking that good enough stuff be donated.

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Not that you care, but I am easily able and have packed all required clothing for the temperature range you mentioned, into my fairly light backpack style carry-on and day pack. Taking mukluks?

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Congratulations. You win.

I'm sending home my coat since I don't feel like wearing it in the 90 degree weather I'll be hitting when I land in the U.S. as well as about 5 pounds of papers and documents that I accumulated and need for my work.

Oh, and the day bag I got for review on my website.

And most importantly, I'm doing it because I want to. And that's all that matters.

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Exactly! Interested to hear about the day bag you'll be reviewing!

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Sending anything internationally is really expensive, even if it is a small package. My flatmate had to send some books to Italy recently, and it seemed so expensive that it would be cheaper if he would make a cash transfer and instruct the receiver where to buy new ones. But there is quite a good alternative, there is service where you can post your stuff, and transport providers are making offers for how much they can take it, because they are going there anyway. Smart and efficient way for both sides :P Sometimes you can get a transport even more then a half cheaper