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Carryon Woes........ Just a heads up.

This trip I got a good deal on Lufthansa out of a neighboring airport. But I forgot to check the Personal Item size limitations, so I have had a bit of a challenge.

Carryon = 21.65 x 15.78 x 9.06 (17.6 lbs)
Personal Item = 15.78 x 11.81 x 3.94 (No weight limit).

I generally fly Turkish Air and the size and the lack of a weight limit on the personal item was a good combination.

Turkish Air:
Carryon = 21.65 x 15.78 x 9.06 (17.6 lbs)
Personal Item = 15.78 x 11.81 x 5.9 (no weight limit).

My previous flight in July was on KLM which was no issue on size, but the weight limit gave me heartburn.

Carryon = 21.65 x 15.78 x 9.06
Personal Item = 15.78 x 11.81 x 5.9
(maximum combined weight = 26.45 lbs)

I am a stickler for following the rules, so I will cope.

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Are you asking a question? Our experience with Lufthansa is that they are pretty strict on weight.

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Well, it’s nice the carryon size and weight limit appears to be the same. So you don’t have to change that part of packing. And didn’t you get a new personal item to fit for Lufthansa?

It looks like, in your case, Lufthansa would work better for your normal routine than KLM.

You know it’s not against the rules to check a bag…… 🤣

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I am checking a 45lb bag (G-d help me), and I am not bringing it back it goes to charity.
But the 4" thick personal item is a challenge, as no one makes a 4"thick bag so I am having to hope the 5" one smashes down enough if checked.
Has to go with me cause it has the meds and personal entertainment devices

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4" thick carry on could be a briefcase or a computer case.

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The airlines don't weigh the passengers. So wearing my heavier clothes and layering up is how I keep my carry-on 21 inch roller at just under 17.6 lbs. Since there is no weight limit on 3 of the airlines for a personal item packing the electronics in it would help also.

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What does Lufthansa have in mind for the personal item - a skateboard?

I hope the 45-pounder works well for you. Does it roll? The charity should be able to find a good use for it. So, are you buying a new bag over there, and coming home with something lighter than 45 lbs?

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We will be flying Lufthansa to Spain in about 2 weeks. Our fare permits a checked bag each, but we will try to just carry on. For our personal items, we will use sackpacks. These drawstring bags are lightweight and we can shift contents around to conform with the dimension limits. And they can be easily stuffed into the carry on bag after we pass the checkin and gate inspection.

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1/ Leslie, I had to cram the cargo pants pockets when I flew KLM earlier this year which is a pain in the butt at security so trying to avoid that, but yes, it is part of plan b along with all the heavy stuff in the personal item; its just that the personal item size is soooooo small.
2/ Cyn, skateboards are too long to meet the Lufthansa standard and roller skates probably wouldn’t work either.
3/ The 45 pounder is full of gifts and personal things that I will leave in storage when I leave; I dislike checking a bag so will take it down to the Ukraine Relief office down the street and let them have it.
4/ Funpig, hope it works out but keep it loose so you can squeeze it, cause that bag is too large in two dimensions and I am too obsessive compulsive with organization to just toss everything in a sack.
5/ David, yes, it could be a brief case or a lap top bag if I didn’t need to put the meds and the personal entertainment devices in it. (all that I can find on Amazon within the right H and W are either 1” thick or 6” thick)
6/ Just venting, it will work out in the end.

Another poster had the same dilemma over the personal item for underseat bag. The closest bags I could find online are RedOxx Metro and Tom Bihn cadet. You can check these out. A simple zip-top tote could work if you don’t over stuff it. (Use packing cubes to keep thickness under control. Example: ebags classic cubes.)

A lap top brief case as mentioned that is more rigid would probably work best to avoid over filling.

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Another poster had the same dilemma over the personal item for underseat bag.

Ha, that would be me!! I still haven't solved my problem but I'm taking a brief hiatus from it. At any rate, if you're really OCD about packing, then you might want to look at Tom Bihn bags, as Sun-Baked suggested. They are not cheap but extremely well made in the US, and are designed to fit all travel needs. Sun-Baked has gotten me hooked on RedOxx bags also, although I haven't committed to buying one at this time. But I love the TB bags and have a number of them. The Co-Pilot she mentioned is a great bag with lots of pockets and compartments.

I only have a couple TBihn items. The bag I referenced is called the Cadet. I don’t own it. But, if someone needs a thin bag - the cadet has slim dimensions. So does the RedOxx metro.

Unfortunately, RedOxx majorly just upped its prices on its packing cubes. I was about to buy the small orange one for my PUP bag. Not now! The bag prices are still holding at this time. They were raised about 1 year ago like everything else.

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I put all the heavy stuff in the little sackpack: a netbook in neoprene cover; all other electronics, tablet, chargers, cables, powerbank, mini phone tripod adapter, extension cord, earbuds, etc are in a single zip up mesh bag; all fluids in a 3 in 1 ziplock; and meds in another ziplock. I even have room to move the toiletry bag into the sackpack if I need to lighten up the carry-on bag a bit more. The sack pack can be unpacked and repacked quickly for inspection and everything can be shifted around to meet the dimension limits of Lufthansa. And once I make it past the gate, I plan to shove the loaded sackpack into the carry-on. The sackpack has no padding so it does not add any bulk. And I use it as a day pack during the daily touring.