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carryon light weight wheeled bag

I have had my Rick Steves rolling carryon for probably over 10 years. It is still in good shape except maybe one zipper pull needs fixing. I really like it a lot. I have been looking for another bag like it that is LIGHTER in weight. Does this exist at all?? one that I can get like immediately and doesn't cost over $200 dollars?
A lot of the ones I have looked at have a smaller capacity, do not stand up on their own, or are too big.
thanks in advance.

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We have an Eagle Creek Load Warrior & an Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel and we LOVE both of them . . . sturdy, light, functional . . . I think we have a 20in in one and a 22in in the other . . . the Eagle Creek website will even let you compare the 2 bags.

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I can't imagine anything being lighter than the Rick Steves rolling carryon. Since it rolls, you don't have to carry it and this thing is very sturdy.

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Besides the above mentioned Eagle Creek bags, the company has come out with a new one: the Lync.

While currently only available at REI, it will be available at regular Eagle Creek retailers on May 1. However, it will run you just over $250.

What's unique about this bag is that the bag itself detaches from the wheeled frame should you want to carry it without wheels. The frame then collapses down for storage.

The 22" version measures 22 x 14 x 9 and weighs 4 lbs 9 oz.
The 20" version measures 20 x 14 x 9 and weighs 4 lbs 6 oz.

I have one on its way to me for review.

I've also reviewed the Eagle Creek Flatbed 20. It's a very good bag. Well made, sturdy, and simple. Weighs 5 lbs, 10 oz. $180
There is also a 22" version.

The new(ish) Rick Steves Rolling Backpack is 5 lbs 6 oz. $160.

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Thanks. well, maybe I will wait and see what this new bag that is coming out is like. The square inch capacity of the Eagle Creek one mentioned is smaller than Rick Steves, and only about a pound lighter.

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Hi Barbara,

I bought the Eddie Bauer Travex Expedition Medium Rolling Duffel Bag last year to replace my old RS rolling carry-on since it wouldn't fit the newer international dimensions (& the handle was iffy, sticking at inopportune times). I see it's on sale right now on the Eddie Bauer website (if you don't have a store nearby) for $140.

I've used the Eddie Bauer on several work trips & a vacation to Europe last year. Things that were important to me: it has the rugged YKK zippers, very comfortable handles that are easier to pick up and pull out of the overhead bin, and the bag is designed to not tip over (a feature important to you, too!). The Sapphire blue color is very appealing & also comes in 3 bright colors + black. The dimensions are stated as 21 x 14 X 10, but it's closer to 21.5 X 13.5, and the depth is very flexible depending on how much is packed, so I can easily meet the 9". The weight is approx. 6 lb.

For reference:
Delta: 22" x 14" x 9" (56 x 35 x 23 cm)
KLM & Air France: 21.5 x 13.5 X 10” (55 x 35 x 25 cm)

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Re: ...anything being lighter than the Rick Steves rolling carryon. Since it rolls, you don't have to carry it....

Keep in mind that weight does matter. Some European airlines have carry-on weigh limits and rollers still need to get up stairs. Some of the smaller hotels don't have lifts.

Lufthansa's cheap seat carry-on weight limit!it is 8kg.

Size and weight: One piece of hand luggage should not exceed 55 cm x
40 cm x 23 cm in size or 8 kg in weight.

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If you are looking for a 22 inch bag, the Osprey ozone is between 3 and 4 pounds. It's wheeled, incredibly tough, well-made, and holds as much as my RS 22 inch. They have done a really nice job of using backpack technology to make it really light. I am amazed at how much difference it makes to carry it around versus the 22 inch RS bag. The only problem is – it is 22 inches. I have had no problem carrying it on flights originating in the US. When I change planes in Europe, occasionally they required that I gate check it. Osprey does not make 20 inch version, but there is an 18 inch version.

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The Lync is super light weight and has lots of cool pockets. I was very impressed with the bag as a rolling bag.
I found that the center post handle poked into my back when it was in backpack mode. Very uncomfortable! I also found that the pack straps didn't store as easily as some of the more traditional travel packs. There's a lot of clips. I realize you can remove the frame as needed, but I think that's silly. On most trips you'll want to easily transition from rolling to pack.
Eagle Creek is heading in the right direction, but this particular bag is an engineering kludge.