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Carry the CDC Card and Passport

It seems, at least for the time being, it may be necessary to show your CDC card and Passport in some countries to do things. So I'm wondering what the best way would be for a guy who doesn't carry a bag.

My thought is while I usually use a hidden pocket type moneybelt, it would be too difficult and embarrassing to have to pull it out every time I have to show it. I'm thinking a neck pouch might be better. They can be worh under the arm instead of on your chest where it could be noticeable.

So for the guys, how do you plan to carry the card and passport for easy access?

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I use a pouch that hangs from my belt inside my pantaloons. You shouldn't really have to show your info all that often, even nowadays. Keep a photo of your CDC card on your phone, offer that first.

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When we travel my husband uses the RS neck pouch crossbody. It can be adjusted to your comfort & well hidden. It is easier access than the money belt, especially more so now. Although we are not traveling internationally currently, this may be the best option.

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I have used the same adjustable Eagle Creek neck pouch for 20 years. I traveled recently to Europe with the CDC card paper clipped to the passport.

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My fluorescent socks don't match so whipping out my money belt, flip pocket, or neck wallet would not bother me in the slightest. You might consider finding a man bag of some high level of coolness -- just for the duration of this particular weirdness. Perhaps a jaunty sporran? One does what one must as the covid situation evolve.

I have matching shorts and pants from Royal Robbins that feature a zipped security pocket in the rear. The zipper is under the belt and provides excellent storage for items most men might carry in a money belt or neck wallet. However, it's in the rear so the contents so you carefully select the items. If I were needing quick access to them more than two or three times a day, I'd leave the vaccine card and passport in the neck wallet and offload bills, credit cards, room keys, &c to the zipper pocket. Shopping for a neck wallet can be fun, many different sizes, closure systems, strap adjustments, and materials.

These have served me well for all manner of travel:

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My H has a couple of shirts that have a large hidden zippered chest pocket. He also has Pants with a hidden zippered front pocket…not sure if he just puts his wallet there… Both of these do not look like travel clothes, but rather regular collared shirt and pants. He wears the pants all the time at home as well. Lots of men’s jackets have an inside pocket, of which I have always been jealous. For me…and likely men with regular clothes, often in vests and jackets there is an unintentional interior pocket created by exterior pockets. If you are nervous about it being open, sew a little Velcro to the top. These pockets have always been large enough for my passport, etc.

However, I suspect the vaccination card is the most important item as the passport can be replaced, but I am not sure how you would replace the card, so a small pocket might do.

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We’ve used Lewis N Clark neck pouches for years. Lightweight, comfortable and easily washed out in sink with dishwashing liquid. They have held up quite well. Safe travels.

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I'm a neck wallet guy too, easy to access for me, hard for a thief. I don't think it's particularly noticeable but I wouldn't really care anyway.

I'd caution against using a vest or jacket for something as critical as a passport or CDC card. There could be times when you take it off, putting the contents of pockets at risk. The closer to your body the better for the critical stuff.

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I got a clear plastic folder for my CDC card and carried it inside my passport, with a rubber band around the passport. Both so the card wouldn't slip out, but mainly I would feel any movement and be reminded my passport was in my front pocket. (never back).
That's all I needed. I carried my money belt (the kind that slips around your belt buckle) but frankly never used it. I was very conscious of where my passport was at all times when I was in a crowd.

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Frank II,

I always carry my Passport with me when out day touring, and usually store it in a shirt pocket which is secured either by a button or a zipper. There's usually a travel vest over top of the shirt, so the pockets wouldn't be readily accessible. One of my travel shirts is a "security" model with a zippered pocket behind the normal chest pocket, and it's not even visible. The zipper is on the side and not the top where it might be expected to be. I see no need to buy extra gadgets to store my Passport as my clothing already provides that function. There are also pockets inside the travel vest so I have lots of options. I often put the Passport inside a zip-lok bag so that it won't get damp from perspiration.

I'm not going to win any fashion awards with my travel attire, but I really don't care as it's functional.