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Carry-on sizes

I understand that 22 x 14 x 9 carry-on arenot acceptable on many european airlines. Dies anyone know?

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It depends on each specific airline. You'll need to look at each airline's individual baggage rules. For example, British Airways allows one bag at 22in x 18in x 10in (56cm x 45cm x 25cm). Lufthansa is 21.65in x 15.75in x 9.06in (55cm x 40cm x 23cm). Lufthansa also states the weight of the bag must not exceed 17.64lbs (8kg).

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And you can't add handle length or wheels to those figures. They are all-inclusive.

Many airlines have you put your bag in a rectangular sizing box. If it goes in - all the way - it goes. If the handle sticks out, or the wheels, or it nearly fits - it goes in the hold and you pay.

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As the others have mentioned, you'll need to check the website of the airlines you'll be travelling with, as the carry-on sizes often differ a bit between them. Which airlines are you thinking of using?

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It will depend on the type of bag.

If you are talking about a wheeled bag, with a rigid frame, then you need to be wary of each airline's limit.

If you are talking about a non-wheeled, soft sided bag, and you don't pack to the max, you could probably make it fit into the sizer.

I sometime travel with a soft sided bag that is 22 x 14 x 9 and have never had a problem.

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Consumer Reports has an important heads-up: Carefully measure any
carry-on bag before you buy.

The reason? You can’t always rely on the product dimensions found on
the bags’ hangtags or on a seller’s website to determine whether a
piece of luggage is carry-on-compliant. It has to be 22 inches high x
14 inches wide x 9 inches deep for domestic travel on three of the
biggest airlines—American, Delta, and United—for instance. Other
airlines have different carry-on rules.

How Do the Bags Measure Up? We found that nine out of the 11 models we
measured were larger than claimed by the manufacturer.

Even carry-ons from companies that topped the list for durability and
ease of carrying in our survey of luggage brands showed
inconsistencies between the marketed and our measured dimensions.

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It also depends on the plane if you are talking about intra-EU flights. Many carriers still use Avro RJs which have very limited overhead space. Any hard sided luggage is checked.


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Which airlines are you thinking of using? One other point to mention is that some of them have a ONE carry-on bag rule, which they usually enforce to the letter. That doesn't mean "one plus a personal item", it means one only!

THIS is an extreme example of a passenger who thought the ONE bag rule didn't apply to him.