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carry on luggage w/wheels

I am looking for a smaller carry-on (less than 15" high) with wheels--that fits the NEW airline requirements of 14" max width. I've been traveling for years with a 15" high carry on (and checking my 22"), but it is a problem after arrival when I am handling both of them by myself. Sometimes I have to walk some distance to another terminal; change of airlines, etc. or getting to a train station--changing trains, and so forth. I've looked at RS offerings and other travel sites, plus stores, etc. and so far have not found one. A big drawback is that most of the carry-ons are 15" in width and several of the major airlines have reduced the baggage width to 14". I don't think many people know this as it just happened this summer. I know for certain that American and Delta only allow 14" width, but I'm sure the others will follow suit. From what I've seen, most of the carry-ons are 20-22" size assuming that people are not checking their luggage I suppose. Does anyone have any suggestions of brands that I might check or websites, etc.???

Thanks for any suggestions...........


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Check out or There are newer bags to fit the new requirements.

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REI Wheely Beast. About a hundred and fifty bucks. Indestructible.

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Eagle Creek Activate Wheeled Backpack 21

It's a real 21 x 14 x 8.5 including wheels and handles. Weighs only 5.5 lbs. It was made to conform to "most" international airline carry-on rules.

(Yes, I know it's bigger than what Lufthansa allows by 1 cm. That's for one particular poster who I know would bring this up.)

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Please clarify - are you looking for a wheeled tote bag type bag to use with your 22" wheeled bag?

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"I don't think many people know this as it just happened this summer."


I've been using only a carry-on bag for 15 years and, as a result, following airline carry-on rules intently. As long as I can remember, domestic US carriers have had a 14" wide restriction (and European airlines have had a 40 cm or 15.75" wide restriction). Some US carriers have just started to "enforce" the size requirement (22" x 14" x 9"), that have been there for years, more carefully. I say "enforce" because last month, in San Francisco, United kept announcing at the gate that all carry-on luggage would have to fit into the sizing box, but I saw no one test their luggage in the box, and many people carried on luggage that obviously did not fit.

I just found a spreadsheet I created with size requirements, and I listed 22" x 14" x 9" for a US airline. I created that spread sheet in Sept 2005! The size restriction are not new. Only the strict enforcement is new.

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The new airline carry-on dimensions are 9" x 14" x 22". So to be on the safe side, I drove to Washington Dulles International Airport, put my newly purchased Samsonite Lift2 Wheeled Boarding Bag in the United Airlines luggage sizer and IT FIT!!! I was a bit concerned because the overall dimensions are listed as 17.5" x 14.5" x 10" I'll make sure I don't overstuff it though.

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I flew united to California at the end of July and was able to fit our 10-yr-old RS wheeled carryon bags into the sizer box with just a bit of a push. We had carefully not put much in those handy outside pockets and not stuffed the inside full either. It was full, just not stuffed. Big relief !

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...with just a bit of a push.

The pushing part works when the container and its contents are somewhat compressible. I.e. clothing. Pushing doesn't work when the container has rigid directions as do most roller bags. You may be able to squash the bag in the fitting frame if it is too thick, but if the out to out dimension of the wheels are too big, it would be hard to squash the wheels and axle(s). Same with the length if the bag as a rigid frame.

The long direction is the usual culprit in attempting to load the roller into the overhead spaces. The preferred orientation for bags in the overhead is wheels in first. That generally allows for the maximum number of carry-ons in the overhead. When the roller is too long to allow the hatch to close, it takes more space when placed the long direction parallel to the aisle.