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Carry-on luggage question on Aer Lingus to Paris

My husband and I each intend to pack a carry-on backpack that we are able to stow in the overhead bins AND we each want to bring a RS Euro Flight bag to stow under the seats ahead of us. We want to avoid checking any bags.

We are not international travelers and are questioning if we can do that - that is, each have a bag and a in-flight bag. Will what we are planning to do work on international flights on Aer Lingus? It seems so from everything I've been reading, but could we get some reassurance from the experienced people on the travel forum? Thanks!

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Yes, as long your in-flight bags meet the size requirements for hand baggage (10x13x3). Check the Aer Lingus site under Baggage Information for complete info.

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I have a question about using the RS carry on. I am 65 and not used to using a back pack but really want to travel light. I am going to Poland for two weeks in June. Is the RS carry on comfortable and light enough to do the trick?


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Well, there are lighter bags than RS convertible. The Campmor Essential Carryon is lighter, and the eBags eTech 2.0 convertible Carryon Jr is lighter. Keep your packed weight to under 15 lbs and you should be ok.

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Thanks to to all who replied to my original post. I decided that I really am a backpack person after all and ended up purchasing a JanSport backpack as my main piece of carry-on luggage and an RS Euro Flight bag for incidentals. Both are soft and squishy and will make weight and volume limits. Thanks again, and happy travels, everyone!