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Carry on luggage for RS Tour

We will be taking our first RS Tour and are looking forward to it--Paris and the Heart of France. However, we have a question about luggage which may seem silly to some. We have a 9x14x22 carry on but can we also bring a small shoulder bag on the bus?? We would also have a purse/murse. Can we leave the extra shoulder bag in the bus while touring/walking? It is a little confusing to us and are wondering if we need to condense to only the one bag. I think I read somewhere that a small bag would be great to take to Mont St Michel rather than the larger carry on. Any info/suggestions?? Thanks so much!

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You can easily bring a small shoulder bag on the bus. You can use that during the day and even leave it on the bus when we make stops. Feel free to bring what you will need and want on the bus with you. Most people bring a day bag per person. Regarding MSM stop-your guide will go over this on the bus or at the first night meeting. But it is recommended that you bring a smaller over night bag instead of your main 9x14x22 bag. Its a walk to reach the island and your hotel. Most tour members are happy with just an over night bag. You can then leave your main bag in the storage area under the bus.

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I participated in this same tour in 2012 and agree with Jenn's comment. It's easy to take just what you need for the overnight and leave your main bag on the tour bus. As I recall, we went to our rooms soon after arrival on "le Mont", giving us the opportunity to drop-off our things and freshen-up a bit before walking about.
When on tour, I always carried a day pack with what I needed for the day on the bus and left my main suitcase on the bus. I always felt safe leaving the day pack on the bus at touristic stops, taking out only what I needed for that stop. Never had a problem.
If you are able, try to arrive in Paris a few days before the beginning of the tour in order to enjoy some of the sites not included in the tour. I can highly recommend an excursion to Versailles, le Orangerie, and the Cluny museums. If this is you "dream trip", make it happen!
I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I did!
Happy travels,

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Jenn and Marlene, thanks so much for the info. So glad we will be able to do leave a bag in the bus. And, yes, we are arriving a day early and also staying on in Paris two nights after the tour ends. Neither of us speak French so we are both excited and also feeling a little cautious about getting around. But everything we have read about France tells us it is going to be an amazing trip! I do want to do a Seine river cruise. Evening seems to be the preferred one from comments we've read. Do you agree? Suggestions? Thanks again so much for the responses!