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carry-on luggage

After over 10 years, the expandable zipper part of my Rick Steves bag has broken. So i am now looking for a new bag. I was looking at the travel pro maxlite3 22 inch. or another Rick Steves bag. Most important to me is that the bag is lightweight, since i am 66 years old. I also want to make sure it is the correct size for euorpean, asian, and south american airline carriers.I think my old bag was about 6 1/2 pounds. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. I do want it to be a rolling bag, expandable, durable, and lightweight. Thank you so much.

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Look up the Eagle Creek load warrior or Flatbed rolling duffle. Get the 20" bag to be compliant with most/all carriers. Best Wishes!

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I have been going to Europe every summer for 12 of the last 13 years and always using a RS 21/22" roller bag. I have dragged that bag over all kinds of surfaces. Only once did I have a problem with my RS bag and that was when the retractable handle would not stay locked in place, either in or out. I took it back to the RS headquarters in Edmonds, WA, (easy to do when living in Seattle) and they determined it was a manufactures defect and said they would send it in for repairs and asked me how soon I needed it. I replied "next week" as I was flying out of Seattle on another trip. They told me to go over to the display where all of their bags are located and pick out a new one at no cost. I did so and graciously thanked them. They did tell me to keep the paperwork on the new bag since they do not warrant RS products sold by third parties. I am 69 y/o and love this roller bag especially having a bad back not allowing me to put one on my back. I have checked the bag in sometimes and sometimes I do not depending on what is in the bag.
In flying to Europe I always check the bag since it contains my RS toiletries bag.

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I just downsized to the RS 20" roller bag, it's fine, never a problem on cobblestones. The smaller size (replaced the 22" RS rolling carryon) is within European regulations, so that bag plus the Civita daybag (filled with soft items so it's not heavy on my aging back) get me through 89 days in Europe.