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Carry on

Hi family of 4 we all have travel pro 21 inch rolling bags. We tried and meet the weight requirements for Alitalia. Are we allowed small backpacks also, or just a small purse. Our kids are teenagers so they can roll and carry their own backpacks. Doing all train travel in Italy and found this would be easier for them

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Alitalia web sites says one small back pack in addition to suitcase - no size specified.

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If you can get it under the seat you'll be fine. We just flew British Air and Easy Jet. I was really worried about Easy Jet as I read all these posts about how strict they are, and my wife and daughters suitcase was about 1" too long. Bought the tickets that allow 2 carry ons and no one scrutinized our bags on the 4 flights we took.

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Here's the Alitalia website page on hand baggage:

In that it says:

Alitalia also lets you bring an accessory of your choice from the following:

Laptop computer
Handbag/Small Purse
Small Backpack

The usual principle is that your carry-on goes in the overhead bin, and the personal item/accessory goes under the seat in front of you. While they don't specify size or weight for the "accessory," if it can go under the seat it's probably fine.

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I think "small backpack" doesn't mean "tiny little thing that barely holds a wallet," but more like a regular school backpack that's not overstuffed. A "large backpack" would be one of those massive camping ones. Your personal item would have to fit under the seat.

I have flown Alitalia. On the flight to Italy, the electronic box for the mini-movie chair screen was under the seat. This left me with almost no leg room. So, while you can take a pack/purse in addition to your carry-on, I recommend that you carry the bare basics in it in case you need to compress your pack. Think wallet, light squishable jacket, first aid kit, tissues, important documents, etc..

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Good point, Sun Baked in Florida. Next time, you can check for the specifics of whatever airline seat you have and get a heads up on whether the foot room is compromised.