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cables - another packing tip

On a recent domestic trip, I found that the two charging cables I brought (one iPhone and one eReader) both did not function. So my tip is to check them before packing. I think many of us have a whole mare's nest of cables to sort through.

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I brought this kind of cable on my last trip, and loved that I could charge multiple devices at once with one cable. Multi Charging Cable, 5ft 3Pack Multi Charger Cable Nylon Braided Multiple USB Universal 3 in 1 Charging Cord Adapter with Type-C, Micro USB Port Connectors for Cell Phones and More

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You are right, Stan! Sometimes they just quit working. I have had that happen. Luckily they are widely available almost anywhere you go.

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Cables weigh virtually nothing. I always travel with one extra plus a selection of tips in case I need a different type than the one I have.

I've had cables die on me mid trip.

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I also travel with a small amount of electrical tape. It’s narrow and I wrap some around a small piece of straw. If you end up with a cable that the wires begin to show, you can often extend the life of it by wrapping that section with electrical tape. And yes, I’ve used it (I’ve bent the cord enough part of the wire was exposed.

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I'm always buying new chargers and disposing of older ones. Plus more and more devices have USB-C ports, so many of the old ones don't fit if you have a new device. Even my Kindle, which had a micro USB port for years has now gone to USB-C. I've very happy with this change - my goal is to eventually just have one port for all devices.

Unfortunately Apple is still using lightning on the iPhones although my iPad has a USB-C connection. I've heard that Apple will switch over by 2024, though, so that means I can finally get rid of my lightning connectors.