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Butane canisters for curling irons

We're headed to Italy in June and I'm considering a curling iron that is heated via butane canisters with (1) back-up canister.
Has anyone had any problems packing these items with international travel? Thanks for your help. GardenMomP

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So now that you know it can only go in your checked baggage, I'll add my thoughts re hair curling products since I faced the same question on my first trip abroad a few years ago. I prefer a curling brush and though the butane option existed for them, too, I found that getting a dual voltage one by Conair solved my problem without worrying about bringing something possibly dangerous on the plane. You just need to use your plug adapter and you're set.

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These used to be the travel option for flight attendants, but I guess that was pre-911. I got mine in England before they were easily available here and would just buy my cartridge when I arrived. I've never had one leak and have traveled with them several times.

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Good to know that Boeing has active fire suppression in the event that the butane lights off. Wouldn't it be better to buy the butane at your destination?

Remember Saudia Flight 163:
"The investigation revealed that the fire had started in the aft C3 cargo compartment. The fire was intense enough to burn through the cabin floor, causing passengers seated in that area of the fire to move further forward in the cabin prior to the emergency landing. Saudi officials subsequently found two butane stoves in the burned-out remains of the airliner, with a used fire extinguisher near one of them. Some Middle Eastern airlines used to allow devout Muslim passengers to use butane stoves on board in order to observe Islam's strict dietary laws - a practice unthinkable on Western airlines. "

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This is the kind of thing that makes me nervous when flying. I would look into a dual voltage curling iron or just buy an inexpensive one in Europe.

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I have to agree with a preference for dual-voltage electrical appliances that are designed for travel. Choose the lightest one you can find.

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My wife has, to hear her tell, "problem" hair and she always packs way too many appliances when we travel. She got herself dual voltage curling irons and hair dryers but is also considering getting a wig to use in lieu of styling. I wouldn't take a chance with something like butane.