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Budget Airlines and Packing

Found this article on Insider Business. Not only does she discuss the various airlines, but also the minimal packing for carry on. Just food for thought. Let me know if you can pull it up.


The second link worked, as did searching Apple News. Thanks.

I think she makes some good points about what we are paying for on the bigger airlines. It's like packing. How much do you really need? The answer will be different for each of us. I do like the minimalist packing in a personal item. It's something I'm considering for when I travel again.

Thanks for sharing.

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I have no problem with budget airlines. The key is, accept them for what they are, understand what you are buying, and if it fits...great. if not, pay for what you need. Too many see a low price and expect what the get from a top of the line airline.

Beyond that, people get cheap, and do not look at total cost. They see a 20 euro price from RyanAir, and then that if they want to bring the typical carry-on, the price goes up to 50 euro, and if they think they might go over 10 kilos, the price goes up to 70 euros. They get so hung up on the fact that they can't use the 20 euro price, that they can't see that even the 70 euro price is much less than other options. I actually had a guy on this forum state that he would rather pay 300 euro with another airline, because the bag was included, that the idea of paying extra for this, or that, just rankled him. Certainly there are lots of other criteria when choosing a ticket, but some peoples logic baffles me.

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I haven’t traveled that minimally, but I have enjoyed traveling with only a carry-on and a personal item the last few times. If I have a chance to do laundry, I find that clothing for 8 to 10 days is enough for any trip. One time I even resorted to handwashing due to a broken washing mashine. Laundry sheets make it easy to be prepared without any liquids. Books can be on my tablet except for maybe one slim volume or a magazine. I even bring watercolor supplies these days, a compact case of colors and a small multimedia pad.

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people get cheap, and do not look at total cost.


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One can stuff small items in the pockets of their tops and bottoms. A fisherman's jacket comes with plenty of small pockets.

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Scottevest.....for those who want to only take a "personal item" so they don't have to spend more for a larger carry on yet still take more than that bag will hold.