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Bringing olive oil and wine from Europe

I’ve seen several posters who enquirer about this and the various ways to safely pack your goods. I think you can get what you want easily in the US, but, that won’t deter some. However, we are about to travel to Italy and we are flying Alitalia from Rome to Sicily and back. Checking their carry on limits I ran across this list of prohibited things which applies to both checked and carry on baggage:
Both the ICAO and IATA consider all substances and materials that, by their nature, may pose a threat to air transportation as items prohibited from being carried in either checked or hand baggage*.
These products are:
Briefcases fitted with alarm devices
Compressed gases (refrigerant, flammable, poisonous and non-flammable) such as butane, oxygen, liquid hydrogen, camping gas and cylinders for breathing apparatuses
Corrosive agents such as acids, alkalis, mercury and batteries with liquid components
Explosives, weapons, firearms and ammunition not intended for sporting or hunting purposes, pistol caps, fireworks and rockets or realistic toy weapons
Flammable liquids and solids such as lighters and fuel for the same, matches, paints and solvents
Bottles of liquids even if perfectly packaged, such as oil, wine and vinegar
Other dangerous items such as substances that are magnetic, noxious, toxic or irritating or that have an unpleasant odor, oxidants such as bleaching powders and peroxides
Poisons and infectious substances, pesticides, herbicides and materials with pathogenic agents
Radioactive substances
Alarm devices and any lithium batteries installed to power them
Underwater flashlights containing batteries

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Alan, can you provide the link or address of where you see this? I looked at Alitalia, ICAO, and IATA sites and could not find a list like this or similar language. Having just brought back oil and wine from Italy in February I never saw any such prohibition. Noting neither ICAO or IATA are regulatory agencies with government powers, I can't see how their recommendations could supersede government regulations. If true, implementation would just about put all the duty free shops in the world out of business.

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Alan, I looked up same page on the Alitalia website in Italian and see there is a difference in the list of that section you quoted. It seems to break that bullet on liquids into two separate bullets as follows:

*In cabina: liquidi, anche se perfettamente imballati (ad esempio: olio, aceto, vino ecc.) qualora superino le quantità previste dal regolamento CE 185/2010
* In stiva: liquidi qualora non perfettamente imballati (l’imballaggio deve evitare che eventuali fuoriuscite danneggino gli altri bagagli)

Now I don't speak much more than very basic tourist Italian, but I think it differentiates between "In cabina" (in the cabin, i.e., carryon) versus "in stiva" (in the hold). Maybe some Italians can confirm.

So I would chalk this up to poor translation.

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Yes, it does appear that on the English page, the "in Cabin" and "in cargo (hold, baggage)" elements were run together. The Italian version of the page does say you can take oil, vinegar, and wine as checked baggage but only if it is "perfectly packed" to prevent leakage and damage to anything else. Cabin carry on is limited to the standard 100 ml bottles in your quart plastic bag.

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I use wineskins to transport wine and olive oil. I wrap clothes around the wineskins. It’s worked for me.

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I've never had a problem bringing back wine or olive oil in checked luggage. I don't check my luggage at the start of the trip but if I'm bringing such liquids home, I will check the bag, with any bottles packed in neoprene cases. I will also add the last time I brought back some spices and teas from Spain. Xray identified the powder which resulted in a manual check of the bag. I panicked a bit, and the agent commented, that they have to double check powders, but in the end not a problem.

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Sounds like the same list of prohibitions at Folsom Prison. 😏

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We have often brought home bottles of wine, olive oil and vinegars using bubble wrap pouches designed for bottles in our checked baggage. Not sure any airline allows therein carry on bags. If properly packed, they should not break.

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Stan’s got the answer with the very clear distinction between carry-on and checked bags in the original Italian.