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Bombas ankle or no-show socks (ladies)

I have some Bombas crew-style socks that I really like. I'm going to Italy in May and wondering if anyone has worn Bombas ankle or no-show socks while walking around all day. Did they stay put, or did they start creeping down into your shoes?

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I use the Bombas ankle socks and really like them because of their relative thickness - they did not slip down into my shoes and were comfortable all day. Their no-show socks do sometimes slip down in the heel for me and are not my favorites for lots of walking.

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I like the Bombas ankle socks but the no shows always end up bunched into my shoe. I prefer Smartwool’s low cut socks that have a slight tab, no issues with them.

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I wore the Bomba no show socks throughout Italy (3 weeks) and Portugal (2 weeks) this past year and they did not creep down into my shoes.

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I've worn both in Europe and here when we walk and never had them bunch up in my shoes. Love them!

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I think it is as much about the shoes as the socks as to whether they will stay put. If you have any movement in the heel of the shoe that will cause them to pull down.

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I used the Bombas low cut no-show socks on a trip to Turkey. This style has a heel grip built in to the sock. I think whether they slip down is a function of the shoe style and how your feet walk in them. For me, they worked inside Keen mary-jane style shoes just fine. However, I will say the heel gripper takes some getting used to and could potentially cause blisters (again, depends on shoes and your feet). If you want to take them in May, order them now, wear them in the shoes you want to take and see how your feet fare. I wouldn't wait to test them on the road.

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I wear the low cut no-shows linked by CL above. For me, they’re the only type of no show that never slips. I wear them with dressy-ish shoes to work. I’m a teacher and I move around all day. One interesting note is that I had to order a size larger than usual. Normally in Bombas I wear a medium, but for the this style I had to go up to a large (I’m size 10).

I also wear the ankle socks. and they’re my choice for a casual sneaker or a running shoe. I would say they’re almost a no-show, and I find them comfortable.

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The Bombas are a little bulky for my taste and they got holes in them after a few trips. I prefer the no show Darn Tough socks which are still in great shape after 6 years and many trips. They don't creep down into my shoes.

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I clicked on the Bombas link that CL provided in her post. They look just like the ones I purchased at Walgreens for 99 cents several years ago. I was so pleased that I purchased 8 more pairs. The back of the heel has a quarter-sized dot of material like rubber that keeps them in place. They have never been in the dryer. I've worn them over and over on many trips to Europe and Mexico in my Munro "Traveler" dress shoes as well as my Ecco leather sneakers. I wear them in the summer at home in the US when I want a no show light weight sock.