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Big guy issues

So I am new here and read through some of the posts, love how active everyone is here. I couldn't find the answers to my particular question so figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Here is my issue. I am a big guy, 6'2" 260lbs, and am looking for travel pants. My issue isn't finding the right size (I've got that covered), my issue is finding a pair that won't make me look like humpty dumpty. Every pair I find, its always some decently fit model that makes the pants look "regular" fit and then I try them on myself and I feel like I put my daughters leggings on. Does anyone know a brand that will fit more true to regular or even slightly loose fitting? Or am I just screwed and will have to look like humpty or toss it up as a never gonna happen thing and just deal with jeans and dress pants?

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Hi and Welcome!
My husband is about your size and wears travel pants we bought at Costco. One pair is Eddie Bauer. Can't remember the brand of the other ones. They are great, have some stretch to them and he can wear them multiple times before washing if necessary. They don't carry them all the time but keep an eye out or check online. They're definitely not form fitting or clingy and the price can't be beat! Good luck!

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I'm up to you in height though not in width. I like the L.L. Bean Allagash pants for travel. They're cut roomier, with elastic in the waist, comfortable and sturdy fabric. Sizing goes up to 44W, 34L. Too heavy to dry overnight, and the cargo pockets are relatively small and non-bulgy -- but that means you don't look like Jungle Jim out there on the boulevards. Button-flap rear pockets -- but you wouldn't keep anything valuable back there anyway, right? Maybe worth a try.

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Same here rhampy. For years I have used Haggar Cool 18 slacks. I get them at Kohl’s but am confident they are available elsewhere. Various colors, choice of flat front or pleated. (I like flat front). At Kohl’s they usually carry them in the stores up thru size 44, larger sizes online, various lengths, usually more colors online. Somewhat of a stretch waist. They are almost always on some kind of sale at Kohl’s. They are polyester, light weight, great for travel, or everyday use at home. They dry quickly when washed by hand or machine, or you can dry clean.

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Kohl's has a Croft and Barrow relaxed fit khaki pants line that's just great. Some have a stretch fabric that have a form fitted waist band, and they fit well. They also have a number of other brands--all on deep discount right now online.

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REI has their own brand of travel pants that my husband swears by.

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I'm the same size you are so I what you're talking about. The trend towards "skinny" pants is annoying. I've had some that I couldn't even get up over my calves. For travel it really depends on what and where. I spend time in Alaska, and up there I wear Carhartt's because they're heavy and (in a couple cases) lined. You really don't want lightweight stuff up there in cold months. For warmer climes I really like Tommy Bahama. They build stuff soft and loose, and it looks good too. If you check out Nordstrom Rack or Macy's they sometimes have that on sale.

My biggest complaint is that I despise "convertible" pants. The seams are always in the wrong place, and they rub even when driving. For really fast drying synthetics I prefer Ex Officio, but you have to check out the styles, as they are not all as roomy.

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The trend towards "skinny" pants is annoying.

Not for us 6'3" slim guys.

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Wow, you all are awesome. It's such a relief to hear from other people who know what I am talking about. I was on a different forum and was getting responses from guys that wore smalls and mediums. I get it, skinny and slim fit is the thing, but when you're built like a tackle for American football, skinny don't look good.
I have already started searching everyone's recommendations and like what I am seeing. Already purchased a pair and going to buy a few more. Try everything on and keep what I like and return the rest.
Any other recommendations are welcome. It's nice to know I have options.

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Have you considered Rochester Big & Tall or Casual Male. Both specialize in the bigger/taller guy.

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I would avoid looking at "Travel Pants". Yes, they are lightweight and comfortable, but often they do run on the tight side, and to a degree, make you look like you are on a mountain expedition in the middle of a city. Go for the zip off legs and you really are prepared for all occasions!!

As a couple people mentioned, just look for "Golf Pants". Very lightweight, look casual, but dressy enough for dinner, a number of colors (I have Khaki, Black, Grey, you can get Blue.), they work great, and are half the cost of "travel pants". The Haggar Cool 18 are great, there used to be a Dockers version, probably others as well.

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Duluth Trading Company has several pants that are good for travel. If you have one near you, it is good to go there so you can try them on. Mail order is convenient and there are discounts at various times throughout the year. I have the ‘dry on the fly’ and ‘flexpedition’ pants. They come put with new varieties often and unfortunately sometimes make changes that I don’t agree with, so now I get extras if I like the style.

Tilley Endurables has some good pants.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I went through and looked at all the pants everyone talked about it and read reviews on them as well. I ended up ordering Eddie Bauer, REI and ExOfficio pants. They all finally got delivered and am so happy with the ExOfficio's. Almost feels like I wasn't wearing anything. A little tapered than I like but still feel loose through the whole leg and I am happy to say I don't look like humpty dumpty.

The Eddie Bauer's felt amazing and looked great just couldn't compare to the ExOfficio's. The REI's were just as comfy but didn't have the same stretch the Eddie's or ExOfficio's did. So they are getting returned and going to order another pair of the ExOfficio's.

Again, thank you all for the awesome suggestions. I honestly don't think I would have found a good pair without your help.